(a memoir of an enduring but unlikely friendship) “Who was that?” I asked when, after chatting for over an hour, Joe finally replaced the receiver. I was 19, newly arrived in New York, and had just moved into a studio above Carnegie Hall with a man 25 years my senior, Joseph X  Dever, the very … Continue reading IT’S ONLY RITA BEING RITA


A Memoir of an Unusual Friendship by Caroline Kennedy I remember the moment so well. We were sitting across from each other, on red velvet banquettes, in a quiet corner of Annabel’s in Berkeley Square, indulging our taste buds in the nightclub’s  famous marmalade ice-cream, when he suddenly blurted out: “I think I’ve got cancer?” … Continue reading FOLLOWING THE HUNT


A Cautionary Tale set in Nicaragua in 1996 by Caroline Kennedy High up in his lonely retreat on the Maribios Mountains, Terry Chapman surveys the golden beaches and the viridian waters of the Pacific Ocean 1500 metres below him. Standing on the cliff edge surrounded by towering hardwoods, he watches for a moment as, in … Continue reading WANTING TO BE EDDIE


A Short Story About My Boarding School Days by Caroline Kennedy Mary Lyneham was 16 and a Senior. I was 12 and a Junior. She was already a young woman with hints of curves in all the right places. Me? I was still just a child with no curves at all except around my thighs. … Continue reading MICKEY MANTLE, MARY & ME


A Short Story by Caroline Kennedy 23rd October 2017  I did knock. But very gently, fearing to disturb the neighbours along the corridor. The door is slightly open so I look inside. It appears the room is empty. It is also very shabby. Well, shabby in that sort of sixth-form-student, reluctant housewife-kind-of -way. I tiptoe around … Continue reading BECAUSE I’M REALLY VERY GOOD AT THAT SORT OF THING

Sharon Tate, Cary Grant, Joan Crawford and Me

Caroline Kennedy: My Travels

Someone else who was about to make the “big time” in 1965 was actress, Sharon Tate. Following her success in the much-hyped TV version of Jacqueline Suzann’s explosive novel, “Valley of the Dolls”, Sharon had just completed filming, “Eye of the Devil” with David Niven and Deborah Kerr.

Sharon Tate & David Niven Sharon Tate & David Niven

Prior to the film’s release, Joe and I were invited to meet Sharon at the home of publicist Earl “Mr. Celebrity” Blackwell. Earl was known as the undisputed king of New York society. For the past two decades he had defined who was and who was not a true American celebrity. Since 1939 he had been printing a “Contact” book, available by subscription, containing the names and contact addresses of everyone who was anyone in the U.S. He also co-edited the Celebrity Register, in which every society-conscious New Yorker wanted to be included.

Earl lived on our…

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