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There is a letter, quite a long one, in fact. Since I can’t show it to you, I shall describe it. It is handwritten, in ballpoint pen, in a sprawling, unfamiliar script, covering both sides of a sheet of graph paper, probably ripped from a child’s exercise book. You can see it was written in a hurry, perhaps in the dark, possibly in secret. I say “in secret” because, in places, words have extended over the edge of the page. Tear stains smudge occasional words into illegible scallops of fading blue ink.

The letter was given to me by a girl named Ruggia. She handed it to me the other day while I was having tea with her. As her mother left the room to brew another pot, Ruggia leaned over and whispered to me, “I wrote something for you last night.”woman-in-wheelchair2

And with a swift glance toward her mother’s…

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A Cautionary Tale set in Nicaragua in 1996 by Caroline Kennedy High up in his lonely retreat on the Maribios Mountains, Terry Chapman surveys the golden beaches and the viridian waters of the Pacific Ocean 1500 metres below him. Standing on the cliff edge surrounded by towering hardwoods, he watches for a moment as, in … Continue reading WANTING TO BE EDDIE

Victims, journalists, investigators recall La Penca bombing and aftermath

by Norman Stockwell (*I was reminded of this story today and it immediately resurrected memories of the time I appeared as British journalist for Time Magazine, Susan Morgan, in a two-part Costa Rican TV investigation and reconstruction of events surrounding the La Penca bombing that happened in the secret hideout of the guerrilla leader, Eden … Continue reading Victims, journalists, investigators recall La Penca bombing and aftermath


Did I mention Art Auctions at sea? Yes, they really do hold them on board the Noordam. And, to make sure we all knew about it, loudspeakers had been proudly heralding yesterday’s auction of “important contemporary works of art” since we set sail on March 26th.   Now these auctions, I soon discovered, are definitely … Continue reading CRUISE CHRONICLES # 3 – THE ART AUCTION

Filipinos Are Outraged at Attempts to Rehabilitate a Late Dictator as a National Hero

Joseph Hincks Nov. 30, 2016 Richard James Mendoza—Pacific Press/LightRocket/Getty ImagesFilipino activists during a rally against the secrecy-shrouded burial of late Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos at the Heroes' Cemetery on November 18, 2016. Rallies have been staged across the country by those outraged at attempts to lionize a man who killed, tortured and stole billions Susan … Continue reading Filipinos Are Outraged at Attempts to Rehabilitate a Late Dictator as a National Hero

The Philippine Economy in the Martial Law Years

EDSA People Power Monument. FILE PHOTO I am posting this article by Cesar Polvorosa Jr. who is a business school professor of economics, world geography, and international business management in Canada. He is also a published writer in economics, business, and literature. Polvorosa is, arguably, also the most knowledgeable person to have written on the … Continue reading The Philippine Economy in the Martial Law Years

Elisar Cabrera and Andy Edwards on FrightFest TV discussing Ibiza Undead

My son, Elisar Cabrera, discussing his latest film, the brilliantly reviewed “Ibiza Undead”. Elisar inherited his love of comics and horror from his Dad, Filipino National Artist Ben Cabrera (BenCab). The film will be shown at other Horror Film Festivals around the world before being generally released early next year. See it if you dare!

Elisar Cabrera

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