A Short Story by Caroline Kennedy 23rd October 2017  I did knock. But very gently, fearing to disturb the neighbours along the corridor. The door is slightly open so I look inside. It appears the room is empty. It is also very shabby. Well, shabby in that sort of sixth-form-student, reluctant housewife-kind-of -way. I tiptoe around … Continue reading BECAUSE I’M REALLY VERY GOOD AT THAT SORT OF THING

Tired of Waiting

by Caroline Kennedy This month, 50 years ago, the young actress Maggie de la Riva was abducted and raped. This is an article I wrote about Death Row in Bilibid Prison, Muntinglupa, where the four abductors were held until their death. “I’m tired of waiting. I want them to end it for me. I don’t … Continue reading Tired of Waiting

Memoir Blog # 10 – Published At Last

In December I had the rare opportunity to interview the French sex goddess, Brigitte Bardot. Excitement had been mounting in New York for some time following the announcement that, for the first time, the beautiful French film star would visit the city. Bardot was already a huge star around the world by then, thanks to … Continue reading Memoir Blog # 10 – Published At Last