A Cautionary Tale set in Nicaragua in 1996 by Caroline Kennedy High up in his lonely retreat on the Maribios Mountains, Terry Chapman surveys the golden beaches and the viridian waters of the Pacific Ocean 1500 metres below him. Standing on the cliff edge surrounded by towering hardwoods, he watches for a moment as, in … Continue reading WANTING TO BE EDDIE


A Short Story About My Boarding School Days by Caroline Kennedy Mary Lyneham was 16 and a Senior. I was 12 and a Junior. She was already a young woman with hints of curves in all the right places. Me? I was still just a child with no curves at all except around my thighs. … Continue reading MICKEY MANTLE, MARY & ME


A Short Story By Caroline Kennedy Harry Rose had a very distinct, some would even say, “charming” character. It wouldn’t take long for anyone meeting him for the first time to come to this conclusion. I certainly knew this to be true the minute I met him. I also instinctively knew that we were destined to … Continue reading THE FUGITIVE KIND


  (or How Following in the Footsteps of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Can Lead to Serious Trouble!) With the long overdue disclosures of many brave women around the world who have suffered sex abuse at the hands of, mainly powerful, men, I thought it was time to revisit a terrifying experience I lived through on … Continue reading HOW NOT TO CATCH A SERIAL RAPIST


A Short Story by Caroline Kennedy 23rd October 2017  I did knock. But very gently, fearing to disturb the neighbours along the corridor. The door is slightly open so I look inside. It appears the room is empty. It is also very shabby. Well, shabby in that sort of sixth-form-student, reluctant housewife-kind-of -way. I tiptoe around … Continue reading BECAUSE I’M REALLY VERY GOOD AT THAT SORT OF THING


(An Interview with Kidlat Tahimik by Caroline Kennedy) London, November 1980 “And it’s going to be a long, long time Till touchdown brings me home and they’ll find I’m not the man they think I am at home, Oh, no, no, no, I’m the rocket man….” (with apologies to Elton John) Kidlat Tahimik, alias Eric … Continue reading THE ORIGINAL IGO-ROCKET MAN

Victims, journalists, investigators recall La Penca bombing and aftermath

by Norman Stockwell (*I was reminded of this story today and it immediately resurrected memories of the time I appeared as British journalist for Time Magazine, Susan Morgan, in a two-part Costa Rican TV investigation and reconstruction of events surrounding the La Penca bombing that happened in the secret hideout of the guerrilla leader, Eden … Continue reading Victims, journalists, investigators recall La Penca bombing and aftermath


Did I mention Art Auctions at sea? Yes, they really do hold them on board the Noordam. And, to make sure we all knew about it, loudspeakers had been proudly heralding yesterday’s auction of “important contemporary works of art” since we set sail on March 26th.   Now these auctions, I soon discovered, are definitely … Continue reading CRUISE CHRONICLES # 3 – THE ART AUCTION

A Valentine Memory

“Great! That’s it!” Nick Joaquin (aka Quijano de Manila), the Filipino National Artist for Literature clapped his hands. Under the light of the tiffany lamp his eyes sparkled. “That’s it!” he repeated as though we could all read his mind. “What? What’s it?” I asked. We were sitting around the centre table at Los Indios … Continue reading A Valentine Memory

Standing Up to a Strongman

Contributing Op-Ed Writer By MIGUEL SYJUCO DEC. 11, 2016 A rally in suburban Quezon near Manila, on Nov. 30, to protest the re-burial of the late Ferdinand Marcos at the Heroes’ Cemetery. MANILA — Dusk set silver-gray over the crowd gathered in a park here on Nov. 25, but the banners and placards could still … Continue reading Standing Up to a Strongman