“CARMMA” movement to be launched to oppose the return of Sen. Marcos to Malacañang February 4, 2016 Aiski luc Headlines 780 SHARES FacebookTwitter “CARMMA” or the Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacañang is set to be launched nationwide on February 22 whose aim is to oppose the possible return to Malacañang of … Continue reading CARMMA – CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE RETURN OF THE MARCOSES TO MALACANANG

Imelda Marcos Bought LACMA’s “Goya”

I love this article for no other reason than it describes so perfectly Imelda's acquisitiveness when it came to buying works of art. In an earlier blog I wrote about her "wall to wall Holbein". Had the Holbein been authentic, of course, the whole art world would have turned upside down. It would have been … Continue reading Imelda Marcos Bought LACMA’s “Goya”

The Nuclear Power Plant Fiasco

I am adding this post-script to my article on "The Marcoses and the Missing Filipino Millions" because a couple of the comments I have received question whether the Philippines has a nuclear power plant or not. I was there when Imelda's cousin-in-law Herminio Disini was awarded a huge commission from Westinghouse to build a nuclear … Continue reading The Nuclear Power Plant Fiasco


Speech Delivered Aboard The QE2 June 1987 By Caroline Kennedy Leaving the Philippines, in 1984, for what seemed like the final time saddened me. I had spent almost two decades there, on and off, and had assimilated myself so much into its history, its culture and its people that many locals referred to me as … Continue reading “THE MARCOSES AND THE MISSING FILIPINO MILLIONS”


I had been making excuses all week but I knew the time had come to make up my mind. The Philippines Ambassador, the former anti-Marcos journalist J.V. Cruz, had warned me about the impending arrival of the Philippines’ first daughter for some time. Imee Marcos, my old nemesis from Manila, was going to be in … Continue reading IMEE MARCOS IN LONDON

A Date with the Pope

My second visit to Bilibid Prison was under very different circumstances. In fact the day following my second visit one of the Manila papers referred to it under a typical tabloid headline: “Balloons and Bibingka for Benjamin’s Birthday.” My friendship with the Bolivian surreal artist, Benjamin Mendoza, began in 1969. By that time I considered … Continue reading A Date with the Pope