Happy New Year to All My Followers!

I am happy to announce that people are actually reading and reacting to this blogsite. And I am very grateful to you all. The stats for 2015 are in and over 350,000 of you viewed this site this past year, with October 19th being the most successful day – 22,566 views on that day.

I am sincerely wishing for Peace for all in 2016. In fact, I was so upset by the state of perpetual war we find ourselves in, due to politicians continually ignoring our pleas for peace, that some likeminded friends and I brought out a CD for peace for Christmas and the New Year.

I wish you all a creative, positive and hopefulnew year's eve 2016. Let us all make our voices heard for Peace around the world. Let us think of all those whose lives have been devastated, homes demolished, families torn apart by unscrupulous politicians waging wars on our behalf. Let us all say No More! Not In Our Name!



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