Happy New Year to All My Followers!

I am happy to announce that people are actually reading and reacting to this blogsite. And I am very grateful to you all. The stats for 2015 are in and over 350,000 of you viewed this site this past year, with October 19th being the most successful day - 22,566 views on that day. I … Continue reading Happy New Year to All My Followers!


By Caroline Kennedy 1993 Over the years friends have given up asking me what I am doing. Few of them are ever surprised any more. From journalist to radio producer, from traveller to film researcher, from actress to antique dealer, from jewellery designer to theatre director - at some time or another I have dabbled … Continue reading LIFE AND DEATH IN ZADAR

The Letter

There is a letter, quite a long one, in fact. Since I can't show it to you, I shall describe it. It is handwritten, in ballpoint pen, in a sprawling, unfamiliar script, covering both sides of a sheet of graph paper, probably ripped from a child's exercise book. You can see it was written in … Continue reading The Letter