Nothing Can Go Wrong – Part 2

Caroline Kennedy: My Travels

My hand reached furtively for the door handle. However, even before I had time to turn it, the taxi stopped abruptly and I was unceremoniously dumped out into the street.

Hong Kong taxi Hong Kong taxi

Was this an opportunity? Could I now make a dash for it while Khan was paying the driver? But, the Indian had attached a vice-like hold to my wrist and I sensed the more I tried to wriggle free the stronger his grip would become. Oddly too, he made no attempt to remove his wallet, so I surmised he had either paid the taxi driver in advance or there was some secret arrangement between the two of them. This sobering thought made me more convinced than ever I was now in real danger. Khan, clutching my arm, proceeded to frogmarch me down a side alleyway. I had no idea where I was. And, despite my pleas for…

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