In Search of the Maharishi

Caroline Kennedy: My Travels


As soon as I arrived in Hong Kong, in June 1968, I called an old boyfriend of mine, a Scotsman, Ian Black, who had been working as chief news correspondent on the South China Morning Post for the past three years.

“Och, Caroline, it’s good to hear you! You’ve arrived then!”

Ian sounded genuinely pleased to hear from me.

Hong Kong Hong Kong

“Wait right where you are and I’ll send a car to pick you up. You’ll be staying with me, of course!”

So far, so good. Nothing sinister, nothing threatening. Just a warm Gallic welcome. In fact I hadn’t seen Ian for a while and it felt good to hear his lilting voice again. And it was fun that evening to wander around Hong Kong with him, chatting about the direction our lives had taken since we last met briefly in London and how our dreams for the future…

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