Asian Journal: Chronology of the Marcos Plunder

For those who claim the Marcos family made the Philippines a better place. 

Posted on October 25, 2015

(This Chronology is compiled by Charlie Avila and originally published in 2012 at the Asian Journal San Diego.)


September 1976, the Marcoses bought their first property in the U.S. – a condo in the exclusive Olympic Towers on Fifth Avenue in New York . Five months later they would also buy the three adjoining apartments, paying a total of $4,000,000.00 for the four and using Antonio Floirendo’s company, The Aventures Limited in Hong Kong, as front for these purchases.

October 13, 1977 Today, after addressing the UN General Assembly, Imelda celebrated by going shopping and spending $384,000 including $50,000 for a platinum bracelet with rubies; $50,000 for a diamond bracelet; and $58,000 for a pin set with diamonds.

The day before, Vilma Bautista, one of her private secretaries, paid $18,500 for a gold pendant with diamonds and emeralds; $9,450 for a gold ring with diamonds and emeralds; and $4,800 for a gold and diamond necklace.

October 27, 1977 The Marcoses donated $1.5 million to Tufts University in Boston, endowing a professorial chair in East Asian and Pacific Studies at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. The students and professors discovered this and forced the school to reject the donation. To save face, the Marcoses were allowed to finance several seminars and lectures.

November 2, 1977 Still at her shopping spree, Imelda paid $450,000 for a gold necklace and bracelet with emeralds, rubies, and diamonds; $300,000 for a gold ring with emeralds and diamonds; and $300,000 for a gold pendant with diamonds, rubies, and thirty-nine emeralds.

July 1978 After a trip to Russia, Imelda arrived in New York and immediately warmed up for a shopping spree. She started with paying $193,320 for antiques, including $12,000 for a Ming Period side table; $24,000 for a pair of Georgian mahogany Gainsborough armchairs; $6,240 for a Sheraton double-sided writing desk; $11,600 for a George II wood side table with marble top – all in the name of the Philippine consulate to dodge New York sales tax.


That was merely for starters.

A week later she spent $2,181,000.00 in one day! This included $1,150,000 for a platinum and emerald bracelet with diamonds from Bulgari; $330,000 for a necklace with a ruby, diamonds, and emeralds; $300,000 for a ring with heart-shaped emeralds; $78,000 for 18-carat gold ear clips with diamonds; $300,000 for a pendant with canary diamonds, rubies and emeralds on a gold chain.

After New York, she dropped by Hong Kong where a Cartier representative admitted it was this Filipina, Imelda, who had put together the world’s largest collection of gems – in 1978.

May 1979 The Marcos couple celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in a party that cost $5,000,000.00 There was a silver carriage drawn by eight white horses.

November 23, 1978 A house was purchased at 4 Capshire Drive in Cherry Hill , New Jersey (actually near to Philadelphia where Bongbong was taking courses at that time) for use by servants and Bongbong’s security detachment. The Marcoses did not neglect their annual real estate purchase. During this year and next year, 1979, they purchased two properties – one at 3850 Princeton Pike, Princeton – a 13-acre estate for use by daughter Imee as she attended Princeton.

The other was a house at 19 Pendleton Drive in Cherry Hill for use of Bongbong and under the name of Tristan Beplat, erstwhile head of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines.


April 1979 in two days in New York this month, Imelda spent $280,000 for a necklace wet with emeralds and diamonds; $18,500 for a yellow gold evening bag with one round cut diamond; $8,975.20 for 20-carat gold ear clips with twenty-four baguette diamonds; $8,438.10 for 18-carat gold ear clips with fifty-two tapered baguette diamonds; and $12,056.50 for 20 carat gold ear clips with diamonds.

June 1980 For $1,577,000.00 in New York Imelda buys Webster Hotel on West 45th Street. She rewards Gen. Romeo Gatan as a limited partner. Gatan arrested Ninoy at the beginning of Martial Law. The insurgents’ ranks grew by twenty percent a year. . Meritorious officers in the armed forces experienced low moral due to Marcos’ penchant for promoting friends over more deserving officers.

February 16, 1986 In Fe’s records of monies paid out during Marcos’ last campaign, one unusually large item was authorized by “FL” (First Lady) and paid to Assemblyman Arturo Pacificador on this day. A few days later, two carloads of men drove into San Jose , the provincial capital of Antique.

Evelio Javier, head of Aquino’s campaign, was watching the votes being counted when the men opened fire and killed Evelio after he was still able to run through town but finally got cornered in a public toilet where he was gunned down in front of shocked townspeople. Pacificador was later convicted of the murder.

February 25, 1986 Marcos fled the Philippines leaving behind a foreign debt of $27 billion and a bureaucracy gone mad. “Cash advances” for the elections from the national treasury amounted to Php 3.12 billion ($150 million). The Central Bank printed millions of peso bills, many with the same serial number. Sixty million pesos in newly printed bills were found in a vehicle owned by Imelda’s brother Bejo in the Port Area of Manila, and another Php 100 million aboard the MV Legaspi also owned by Bejo Romualdez.

How massive and humongous a loot Marcos took can be deduced from the known losses he left behind. The known losses he left at the Central Bank included $1.2 billion in missing reserves and $6 billion in the Special Accounts.

Imelda charged off most of her spending sprees to the PNB or Philippine National Bank which creatively wrote off her debts as “unresponded transfers”.

Ver also used PNB funds to finance his “intelligence” operations.

The known losses at the PNB amounted to Php72.1 billion.

At the DBP, the losses Marcos left behind totaled Php85 billion; at the Philguarantee, it was Php 6.2 billion; and at the NIDC or National Investment and Development Corporation (NDC) – the losses amounted to Php 2.8 billion.

These losses were primarily due to cronyism – giving loans to cronies that had little or no collateral, whose corporations were undercapitalized, whose loan proceeds were not used for the avowed purpose, and where the practice of corporate layering was common, i.e. using two or more companies with the same incorporators and officers, whereby one company which gives the loan owns the company which obtains the loan, or similar arrangements.

The cronies enjoyed their closeness to Marcos. With him they formed a Grand Coalition. They participated in the exercise of dictatorship. But Marcos owned them. The wealth of the cronies belonged to him. Because of the free rides taken by Imelda, Marcos and the cronies, the Philippine Airlines was in debt by $13.8 billion.

The conservative Grand Total for losses Marcos left behind (and therefore the kind of loot he grabbed and hid) amounted to $17.1 billion. The Central Bank, the PNB, and other financial institutions badly need an audit. The special review (not regular audit because there seems not to have been any – there are no records anyway) did not uncover Imelda’s spending – her name never appeared – and Ver’s intelligence fund. The review gave no hint of theft or missing money, only “downward adjustments” and “proposed adjustments” to “deficiencies” and “shortages of money”.

February 26, 1986 A few hours after the Marcos party landed in Honolulu, their luggage arrived – 300 crates on board a C-141 cargo jet. It took twenty-five customs officers five hours to tag the bags and identify the contents. The process was videotaped because of all the money and jewelry found inside.

There were 278 crates of jewelry and art worth an estimated US$5 million. Twenty-two crates contained more than Php27.7 million in newly minted currency, mostly hundred-peso denominations worth approximately US $1,270,000. 00 (It was illegal at that time for anyone to depart the Philippines carrying more than Php500 in cash.)

There were other certificates of deposit from Philippine banks worth about US$1 million, five handguns, 154 videotapes, seventeen cassette tapes, and 2,068 pages of documents – all of which were impounded by Customs.

The Marcos party was allowed to keep only US$300,000.00 in gold and $150,000.00 in bearer bonds that they brought in with their personal luggage because they declared them and broke no US customs laws.

There were 24 one-kilo gold bars fitted into 2 0$17,000 hand-tooled Gucci briefcase with a solid gold buckle and a plaque on it that read, “To Ferdinand Marcos, from Imelda, on the Occasion of our 24th Wedding Anniversary.”

marcosreaganimeldaFebruary 1986 When Marcos departed the Philippines, the losses in the three Central Bank accounts surpassed Php 122 billion (more than $6 billion). The big bulk of losses was attributed to the RIR account mainly due to two items: forward cover and swap contracts.

Forward cover referred to foreign exchange provided by the CB at a fixed exchange rate to importers of essential commodities. Swap contracts referred to CB’s receiving foreign exchange from banks in exchange for pesos at the prevailing rate with a promise to deliver the foreign exchange back to them at an agreed future date. There was no mention of losses due to CB transactions in gold or foreign exchange.

February 28, 1986 On this day, Jim Burke, security expert from the US Embassy, was tapping on the wooden paneling in Imelda’s abandoned Malacanang bedroom when he heard a hollow sound. It was the walk-in vault. Inside were thirty-five suitcases secured with locks and tape.

They contained a treasure trove of documents about Swiss bank accounts, New York real estate, foundations in Vaduz , and some notepaper on which Marcos had practiced his William Saunders signature. They also contained jewelry valued at some US$10.5 million.

March 16, 1986 Did Marcos steal any gold from the CB? The CB always refused to comment. Why?
Today, the LA Times reported that 6.325 metric tons of gold was unaccounted for in the Central Bank. Between 1978, the year Marcos ordered all gold producers to sell only to the CB, and end 1984, the Bureau of Mines reported that 124,234 pounds of gold were refined. But the CB reported receiving only 110,319 pounds during this same period.

That left a difference of 13,915 pounds (6.325 metric tons).

March 1986. Jokingly referring to themselves as the Office of National Revenge, a vigilante team led by Charlie Avila and Linggoy Alcuaz received a tip in the morning that Marcos’ daughter Imee had kept a private office in the suburb of Mandaluyong at 82 Edsa. They obtained a search warrant, then rushed to Camp Crame to pick up some soldiers.

After devising a plan, they boarded four cars and drove to the premises, arriving around midnight. The soldiers scaled a fence and sealed off the area. Avila , Alcuaz, and their men moved in and found documents in cardboard boxes, desks, and filing cabinets. Gunfire could be heard outside but it didn’t deter the search.

The documents revealed the names of offshore companies and overseas investments of Marcos and his cronies – a late link in the paper trail that had been started abroad by the teams of Avila, Steve Psinakis, Sonny Alvarez, Raul Daza, Boni Gillego, and Raul Manglapus.

March 09, 1986 A Greek-American, Demetrios Roumeliotes, was stopped at the Manila International Airport before he could leave with eight large envelopes stuffed with jewelry that he admitted belonged to Imelda – valued at US$4.7 million.

March 15, 1986 Ernie Maceda, Minister of Natural Resources, revealed today that some 7 to 14 tons of Philippine gold are sold to the Binondo Central Bank annually and then smuggled to Sabah , Malaysia – this gold being part of some 20 tons produced by 200,000 panners all over the country. Maceda’s query was whether part of the gold they produced was siphoned to the “invisible gold hoard of Ms. Imelda R. Marcos.”

“We deliver to the Central Bank,” the miners said. “If it happened (the siphoning), it happened in the Central Bank.”

Is it true that Marcos propagated the Yamashita myth to hide the fact that he looted the Central Bank, that its gold bars were melted down and recast in odd-size bars to make them look old (how does gold look old, anyway?). Marcos claimed that he “received the surrender of Gen. Yamashita” after a battle with his guerrilla outfit.

History has recorded that Yamashita surrendered to Lt. Co. Aubrey Smith Kenworthy and that there was no battle. Yamashita’s peaceful surrender had been arranged at least two weeks before the event.
In one entry in Marcos’ diary he noted, “I often wonder what I will be remembered for in history. Scholar? Military hero…?”

In a supreme irony, he did achieve what he so vainly sought – lasting fame – but not in the way he envisioned:

The largest human rights case in history – 10,000 victims.

Guinness Book of Records – the world’s greatest thief.

The largest monetary award in history – $22 billion.

September 30, 1986 Questioned by Philippine and US lawyers about his hidden wealth, Marcos took the Fifth Amendment 197 times. Imelda followed suit – 200 times.

December 1989 An American jury found the Marcos estate liable for $15 million in the killing of anti-Marcos activists Gene Viernes and Silme Domingo. Manglapus, Psinakis, Gillego and other erstwhile exile oppositionists testified at the trial.


November 04, 1991 Today, a Sunday, the circus came to town. The Swiss Federal Tribunal had ruled the year before that the Philippine government must comply with the European Convention of Human Rights, especially due process. There had to be a lawsuit filed within one year. Thus, the solicitor general’s office filed all sorts of cases against Imelda and the government had to allow her to return to answer the charges.

“I come home penniless,” she tearfully said on arrival. She then repaired to her suite at the Philippine Plaza Hotel which cost $2,000 a day and rented sixty rooms for her entourage – American lawyers, American security guards and American PR firms.

December 1991 The Central Bank had accumulated losses of Php324 billion in the Special Accounts.
November 30, 1992. The Central Bank losses were Php561 billion and climbing. Cuisia asked that the CB be restructured. Sen. Romulo asked to see the 1983 audit of the international reserves. He couldn’t get a copy. It was “restricted”.

January 05, 1993 Imelda didn’t show up for the scheduled signing of a new PCGG agreement. She kept vacillating on the terms and conditions – demanding she be allowed to travel abroad for thirty-three days to confer with bank officials in Switzerland, Austria, Hong Kong and Morocco to work out the transfer of the frozen funds.

Actually she was hoping a guy she had authorized, J.T.Calderon, would be able to move the funds just as the order was lifted, before the government had a chance to transfer them to Manila . When the government discovered the authority, all negotiations with Imelda were halted and her requests for travel suspended.

August 10, 1993 Georges Philippe, a Swiss lawyer of Imelda, wrote today a confidential letter to the Marcoses’ old Swiss lawyer, Bruno de Preux, who handled almost all of the Marcos family’s hidden accounts in Switzerland.

Philippe requested de Preux for the status of:

A $750 million account with United Mizrahi Bank in Zurich; Various currency and gold deposits at the Union Bank of Switzerland , at Kloten airport and at Credit Suisse; A $356 million account (now in escrow and worth almost $600 million) which was being claimed by the PCGG.

In 1994, the human rights jury awarded the victims $1.2 billion in exemplary damages, then $766.4 million in compensatory damages a year after that, for a total of $1.964 billion. Two days after, another $7.3 million was awarded to twenty-one Filipinos in a separate lawsuit.

In 1995, the US Supreme Court upheld the $1.2 billion judgment.

March 29, 1995 The Swiss Parliament passed a law (an amendment to a previous act) that removed the need for a final judgment of criminal conviction of the accused (such as the Marcoses) in the case of criminally acquired assets which could now therefore be returned to claimants (such as the Philippine government) by Swiss court order.

July 1996 In part because of the torture of Roger Roxas, $22 billion was awarded to his Golden Budha Corporation.

December 10, 1997 The Swiss Supreme Court promulgated a landmark decision that took into account the March 1995 Swiss Parliament act and the fact that new criminal cases had been filed against Imelda Marcos.

The court held that there was no need for any criminal proceeding; that a civil or administrative proceeding would suffice, and the Marcos Swiss deposits which had been “criminally acquired” can be returned to the Philippines in deference to the final judgment of the Philippine court as to the ownership of these deposits.

The Swiss court also announced that the interest and reputation of Switzerland was at stake if it would become a haven for money launderers laundering money obtained by crime. Therefore, in the case of the Marcos deposits, because “the illegal source of the assets in this case cannot be doubted” the Swiss court ordered that the money be returned to the

Philippines to be held in escrow account in the PNB to await the judgment of the Sandiganbayan in the forfeiture case.

By the way, in January 17, 1975, a secret decree not made public until after the Edsa insurrection was signed by Marcos stating that in the event he became incapacitated or died, power would be turned over to Imelda.

On June 7, 1975, in his own handwriting, Marcos amended the January 17th decree and clarified imelda’s role as chairperson of committee with presidential powers.

In February 1979, Imelda was named chairman of the cabinet committee, composed of all ministries, to launch the BLISS (Bagong Lipunan Sites and Services) program, an ambitious attempt to centralize control of all economic and social development. She assumed responsibility for the “11 needs of Man” codified in her ministry’s multi-year Human Settlements Plan,1978-2000.

By 1986, the number of Filipinos living below the poverty line doubled from 18 million in 1965 to 35 million. And the ecological balance of the country had degraded from 75 % to 27% forest cover remaining – with 39 million acres of forest falling victim to rampant logging. This was BLISS.
She was also the head of the Metro Manila Commission, which by year-end 1985 had managed to accumulate debts of Php 1.99 billion (which included $100 million in foreign loans) in its ten years of existence. Imelda had accomplished nothing and left the people embittered and even more disillusioned.
In September 1992 Marcos was found guilty of violating the human rights of 10,000 victims. The ruling occurred just after a judge found Imee Marcos-Manotoc guilty of the torture and murder of Archimedes Trajano, a 21 year old engineering student at Mapua who had the temerity to ask Imee after a speech she gave whether the Kabataang Barangay (a national youth group) “must be headed by the president’s daughter?”

Imee and brother Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. have been active in the political scene. Bongbong, who finished 3 terms as Ilocos Norte governor, is now running for Senator under Presidential bet, Manny Villar’s senatorial slate.. he’s been quoted as saying that if given a chance, he’d like to run for President one day…(gads).

Bongbong is now a Senator, Imelda is Governor of Ilocos Norte and Imee is in Congress. The MARCOSES are back in full force thanks to our “despicable amnesia” as aptly described by the eminent writer, F. Sionil Jose.

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  1. Hard to read this. When I think of my short time in The Philippines, and how it could of been if Marcos had just put some money into building a decent road system,Bridges or even a Highway that would link North and South Luzon. Let alone Hospitals, education for all, Like Imelda, The Filipino people love to shop, Manila has 101 shopping malls.Getting to them is a another thing.

    1. @virginia – actually it was the Marcoses who built decent road, bridges and other infrastructures during his time. It was his successors who failed to do so. The writer should’ve added a timeline of C. Aquino, F. Ramos, J. Estrada, Arroyo and BS Aquino.

      1. If you call bridges to nowhere (Bridge of Love, for instance) and roads that only lead from one Marcos stronghold to another “decent infrastructure” then you may be right. But they were considered a huge waste of money then as no traffic passed over them except a few carabao carts.

      2. @Btanga–The Marcoses bankrupted the Philippine Treasury when they took off for Hawaii leaving the Aquino Administration and its succeeding Administrations saddled with debts; and the Filipinos paying for it.

      3. @anywhereiwander – you might be describing Cojuanco-owned SCTEX (a road that a part leads to a Cojuanco stronghold – Hacienda Luisita). try Searching NLEX, SLEX, Cavite Coastal Road and LRT. Right after the Marcoses fled to Hawaii, no MAJOR additional roadworks.

        @virginia – he can’t link both North and South Luzon because it was just built during his time. You could’ve said that to his successors.

      4. Actually anywhereyou wander, Marcos built the San Juanico Bridge between Samar and Leyte. Eng. Rufolfo Cuenca was commissioned by FM to build it. Also the NLEX was started by Eng. Cuenco as well. Tarlac was certainly not a Marcos stronghold. Having played Devil’s Advocate, I do believe that the PP revolution was a good thing.

      5. It’s a part of Federal government to build roads and bridges not the Marcoses. Money is supposed to be from the taxes we paid.The money they been spending was from the donations or shares from other countries.

      6. I agree to this,,,, the one mentioned we’re a known fact 20yrs ago,,, but we should not ignore what Marcos had done to our country during his term,,,,, they should post also the accomplishment which I think matters most,,,,, which no other president could surpass,,,,,

      7. Haha, i know ryt, kaya pala my heart and lungs ceter sa pinas. Its funny how they look at marcos family about the money, but never once gabe them credit for those they built.lolz

      8. That’s how they stole the money..! For every infrastructures,,(every single one) He and his cronies milked the projects through OVERPRICING of such…KICKBACKS in the lingo of corruptors….! Now do you understand..?

      9. It took him 20 years to get done those infrastructure while at the same time they are using Philippine National Bank as their personal piggy bank to support their luxurious lifestyle. After EDSA I PNB was bankrupt and had to sell at a lost

      10. @Virginia, yes he did but at what cost to Philippine economy? He borrowed the money so he can built those infrastructures and help his own pocket too. now, the succeeding leaders of Philippines just can’t built no more coz they can’t borrow much due to ailing Philippine economy due to marcos’ corruption.

      11. actually the marcoses arranged loans from foreighn investors to do their fabulous infrastructure project for the soul purpose of stealing and pilfering money from them Marcos was one of the smartest theives that ever lived. All of his projects came from foreighn investment and they all turned out to be a feather in his cap. But the truth is . Imrelda got 10 to 15% of everything that came thru the palace. Now what do you think marcos himself got??A brilliant stroke of genius that has fooled most Philipinos to this day. Everything about him was money. Everything he did was to steal money.You can only imagine how much money 25% of every project that came thu the palace during his reighn came to ??25% is a conservative guess. Then of course when the notes on the projects came due,Marcos didnt pay up. this led to the ruination of the countrys credit and the peso …

      12. Indeed the Marcoses built the bridges and roads but for every project they did, they put the country in debt for at least $5 million but spent only $1 million (or 20%) for the project. The rest of the money they pocketed them. That’s how they got all that money to buy all those expensive assets Imelda wanted for herself and her family. That’s the reason Marcos ranks No. 2 in the world as the most corrupt leader of a country coz he stole billions of dollars from the Filipino people.

    2. NLEX and SLEX was his…LRT1 is his…We are one of the top utilizers of Hydroelectric power in the world. There were thousand of bridges built, thousands of schools in the provinces.. There was cultural renaissance, CCP complex, DAP, we have Heart Center, Kidney Inst, Hospital Pambata, etc and the PGH was expanded. Thousand of kilometers of irrigation…He has thousands of Presidential Decrees and Letter of Instructions being used today. They established the Department of Energy to counter the volatility of the oil crises. The PNOC and Petron were our protection from the crisis which was privatized by salivating Cory minions. Human Rights, who among them are Reds of Joma Sison, China, Kumander Dante that wreck havoc to the peaceful lives in the countryside with their stealing of crops, animals in the middle of the night and squatting on fertile lands and confiscating harvests. Add to that the broken nationalism, oligarch controlled press, landed hacienderos in congress and senate who refused to make the economy move like the Hacienda Luisita. A weak leader can not survive this and Marcos was not alone with the creafting of Martial Law. FVR and JPE are still alive….The economic technocrats of the Martial law years are still alive like Roberto Ongpin, Cear Virata, Gerardo Sicat, Placido Mapa et al…they should be asked too for there are always two sides of the coin.

      1. Mahiya naman siya (Marcos) kung wala siyang nagawa sa 20 years niya. Compared to those who followed him… Esp. Cory.. Anong magawa niya sa bankrupt na government? Tingnan mo ngayon under Pnoy, di ba, okey na economy natin?

      2. Whoever stay in power for 20 years will accomplish a lot. Let say Marcos only stayed as president for 8 years, do you think they will be filthy rich and accomplish that much?……. Just saying.

      3. No one is arguing that the Marcos regime built those buildings/infrastructure but at what cost? They just used that method to get kickbacks for every project. If you read previous comments and do some research on how much they benefited from those you will be astounded. And they kept borrowing money until we are so neck deep with loans that our peso devalued and our credit rating was destroyed. Up till now we are still repaying those loans. Kahit na yung apo mo sa takam pala nay mamatay na Baon sa utang. If you call that progress….

      4. It is called “selective memory”. These people remember what they want to remember, believe what they want to believe and, sadly, nothing will change that.

      5. If they accused Marcos was stealing billions of money. How much more when the Cory administration and up to the present. If the Aquino’s and Cojuangcos are good enough. They should return the Had. Luisita to the rightful owners.

      1. Sir, i respect your choice for Vice-President. But had you been really inquisitive about the atrocities committed during the reign of FM, you would definitely get a clear picture of that part of history of the Philippines. you can even watch it in National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery channel, etc. The victims of martial law have not yet received any recompense because the Marcos family are thwarting all efforts of its grant. If BONG BONG MARCOS is really compassionate for the welfare of victims and the less privileged, all he has to do is waive all his supposed inheritance from his father. then, he will surely be a champion of the people and of the masses

      2. You are right, of course. Bong Bong blithely passes off any discussion about the misdeeds of his parents by saying, “We mustn’t dwell on the past. We must look to the future.” This is a coward’s reaction. He would do well to face up to the excesses of his parents, apologize for them, pay out the compensation that he owes their victims and then move forward. Sadly, he will never have the courage, the honesty or the compassion to do that.

      3. Greatness? Wow. Didn’t know violating human rights and milking a whole country of it’s people’s money is now considered greatness. You are blind, sir. This ain’t political talk. This is moral talk.

      4. Greatness? Know his history. His father Mariano Marcos was a known conspirator with the Japanese during world war 2. After liberation, he was caught by the real guerillas operating within the area and was summarily executed. His limbs were tied to four carabaos and got pulled apart. Before the war he was charged with the murder, yes, MURDER, of Nalundasan along with his brother and father for political reasons and only got out via a technicality. Your “great” tyrant was a political whore who moved to the NP from the LP because of expediency. If that’s what you think is “great” then he will be comfortable in his section in hell along such great men as Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and Kim.

      5. Anybody can claim anything either contrary or pro…fact of the matter is, there are facts and multitude of evidences, including testimonies and narrations that there were abuses and plunder committed by the Marcoses during the martial law years…we cannot simply ignore nor escape the fact (for the sake of argument) that whatever accomplishment/s if any, it is nothing compared to what they destroyed. The long lasting effect should not focus only on material things but the real destruction was the institutions they have diminished in terms of legal and moral structures. The decades of wanton corruptions definitely was left behind and is still lurking to this day. The practice became a norm, and eventually became a tradition, in all spectrum including the way the people think that “it is okay to bribe someone to expedite or resolve his issues”. It will take decades or probably another generation to eradicate this norm, a stigma…/rsj

    3. Virginia, let me refresh your mind 1) this is a yellow army narrative. I haven’t heard of any Marcos rebuttal of this. I only hears Imelda won all her cases filed under US courts. Didn’t you even think the relevance and importance of this victory considering the resources and logistics of the US prosecutors. This is not a simple victory…It is a total rebuff to their accusers. 2) If you were not born on the 70’s, then u did not read any newspaper or watched any TV news. The first LRT in Asia, beat that!!!. The NLEX and SLEX, The San Juanico Bridge and thousands more in the country side. The numerous national roads to the feeder roads farm to market roads reaching the land lock farmers, count in the hundred of kilometers of irrigation, canals and dikes, the Geothermal Energy Power, Hospitals like the Heart Center, Kidney Institute, Lung Center, the Orthopedic Center, the expansion of The PGH, the establishment of General Hospitals in the provinces, the numerous colleges and universities high school and elementary schools that helped build up our OFW force world wide. 3 IN case you don’t know with the crisis brought about by the oil embargo on the 70s, Marcos deployed engineers to Saudi Arabia to help in the oil fields. thus the start of OFWs. You must remember that because of that, the Philippine economy is now insulated from international financial meltdowns because of the remittances…Now Virginia ask me some questions so probably you can appreciate the achievements of the much demonized president. Also don’t forget under him, we became rice exporter. Energy production is a government concern that power rates were controlled. Now all of it were sold to private sector and all PPP projects are now in the hands of capitalist whose greed for profit has made our rates 2nd highest in the region, much to our chagrin.

      1. The bigger the achievement of a corrupt politician the bigger the corruption.

      2. Yes we remember all that but do you remember also the countless lives taken, tortured and killed during his regime? A dollar was only p7 then. But Filipinos did not enjoy this because going to diff countries then was very expensive. PAL then was indebted because of FL’s shopping spree to diff places. But all these bridges and buildings built under their term could have been remembered without the crimes comitted to have their golden years. Marcos legacy could have opened us to progress making us no. 1 at least in Asia until now. Being the most literate country in the region. Our natural resources was so rich then. PAL as the 1st airline in Asia, etc. But corruption displayed to Filipinos made more leaders hungry for power. And the stuffing of pockets for own’benefit from people’s money is still a common practice. So with this, history really may repeat itself. “Dispecable amnesia” as the writer Sionil Jose termed it. Those who enjoyed the golden years of the Marcoses could have been one of his cronies or the like.

      3. I was born in the 60’s and saw the Marcos years. There were a lot of projects that became beneficial to the country like the highways, power plants, dams, etc. There were projects too – sad to say mas marami – that were just meant to show off and for living extravagantly to the detriment of the people like Malacanang of the North and South, Palace in the Sky, CCP, Folk Arts, Manila Film Center, Marcos Bust, Coco Palace, etc. The beneficial projects were financed by the international community through IMF/WB while the whimsical projects were gotten from the national budget. As a result, we experienced rice crisis in 1969 to 1971 (I had to queue for 2 hours just to by 3 kilos of rice mixed with corn); the air force started to deteriorate (from envy of Southeast Asia in 1965 to a laughing stock in 1985); classrooms became dilapidated in the provinces; National and provincial roads became hellish; Foreign debt from 600M in 1965 to 27B in 1985; PNR trains started to conk out in 1975; No new ships were built for the navy; No new tanks were procured for the army. Cory Aquino inherited zero funds yet she was able to build the fly-overs in EDSA (except Magallanes); When Ramos took over, the economy started to soar – he eliminated monopoly of PLDT, built power plants, built the Skyway, MRT, Quirino Highway in Bicol, etc. Today, the Philippines is awakening again. If Bongbong will be in Malacanang again, our country will be Imelda’s treasure trove again. If this happens, I will have to join another EDSA Revolution.

      4. Yes!!! When it comes to the Marcos adm, all they see is $$$ “stolen”. Blinded biased human behavior. If we focus on the negatives, the Aquinos, x2, had done nothing good enough to outweigh it’s negs. I read that Kris A is wearing Imelda’s lost jewelry, a photo of it around h r neck and arm!

      5. I cannot understand what you and many other apologists say. It is beyond my comprehension.

        They stole hundreds of milions from your country. How you can overlook that? It boggles me.

      6. You heard that they were not convicted because that is what the uninformed are shouting. They were convicted! In Hawaii to pay for 10,000 victims of abuses of human rights and more. The heirs are yet to pay.
        And even if they were not convicted: we all know from witness reports that they were cruel selfish people. Imelda even tell that her hubby was purely money motivated, see this short video:

      7. Ed, may I ask how old u are? Did u even read the article on the chronology of the Marcos loot? Do u really think all those projects that u mentioned did not have a corresponding kickback? They were even looting our gold reserves from the central bank! All those projects were obviously just for show…unfortunately u have even fell for it! Either u benefited from Marcoses one way or the other or u FAILED TO EDUCATE YOURSELF!

      8. This is not a reply to the above post, I just want to know that if there is a pro-Marcos post, you could reply but if there is a disparaging post against Marcos, there is no way you could reply. Bias in the highest degree.

      9. I allow all comments on these pages – pro and anti Marcos. Having lived through martial law and seen many of my friends imprisoned, tortured, killed or “disappeared” and having witnessed how much money was taken by the Marcoses I am definitely anti-Marcos. But I read all comments, even the most avidly pro Marcos ones. I don’t agree with them. But I don’t edit them or delete them.

      10. Tell that to the victims of martial law. All those projects aren’t even worth half of the money plundered and people killed by the marcoses. And Bongbong saying he’s a champion of the masses and a supporter of the people when he can’t even own up to their crimes. I say give up the people’s money you inherited from your parents and stop denying allegations. Not a fan of the yellow army, but a total hater of people who belittle history. You never learn.



      1. hey cellstar, these are not fabricated lies, they are all documented facts. i was already matured during this time and fully aware of the Marcoses extravagance. Filipinos are not idiots to march in EDSA if these are all allegations!

      2. Baka Isa ka sa merong despicable amnesia or one of the cronies before. Never again to a Marcos. Never again to a family of thieves. Dahil Kung maayos sila sa pamumuno Sana Walang martial law na lalong nagpahirap sa BAYAN. It just showed how greedy they were to perpetuate their power. Ayaw NG umalis sa pwesto dahil nasarapan sa sila sa pagpapasasa sa yaman NG BAYAN.

    5. My question is, does the Philippines possess this amount of money in excess to annual budget? Did the author of this write up ever tried to check the source of their millions of dollars, did he assess the wealth of Mr. Marcos before He became a Senator? Was there any comparison between the annual budget that time and the nation’s total expenses? How about the total national budget since Mr.Marcos became the President until 1986? And the total budget of the Aquino’s compare to their total accomplishment if any? Who did it well? The projects and accomplishments of the Marcoses were very evident. How about the Aquino’s?
      Please help the Philippines move on…..

      1. That’s a very sensible question in such a corrupt country. We all do know that there is much corruption but how is it possible that it seems so hard to prove? You would think indeed that the BIR (taxes) should easily be able to trace those politicians with unexplained gained fortune. Did Marcos pay tax over their billions? I am pretty sure they didn’t. Every politician should be checked by the BIR.

      2. Move on and forget everything? No sir. I say every Filipino must remember. Every Filipino must learn from history.

      3. So, did you do your research? Can you explain how a senator, not even considered to be a millionaire at that time, amass billions, if not trillions of Pesos? What business enterprise would allow him to increase his wealth more than a thousand fold. Did you bother to look into the amount of income taxes he or his family paid the government during his incumbency? Keep in mind that there is a law prohibiting elected officials, particularly the President & Vice-President to engage themselves or their families in businesses especially those that are of public interest? So now explain how a family could amass such wealth? Forget about the Aquinos for they will have their own time in court. We’re talking about the Marcoses here. Such a lame argument pointing to the Aquinos everytime the Marcoses are put into scrutiny! So after 6 years you will start pointing to the Duterte’s??

      1. This is not a reply to the above post, I am just taking advantagew of the opportunity to write a comment like this Post who is pro Marcos Post there is always a Reply button, this is just plain one sided discussion.

      2. Wow man. Wished you lived during the Marcos regime and experienced the times so you could understand the gravity of your words.

    6. Highly misleading article with much nonsense purported as fact without support ….I lived there during much of this time and also worked with Metro Manila Commission which was non-stop involved in doing good deeds for the public

  2. Hi Ms Carol , At first I want to ask where did the Marcos’s corrupted money came from? I was even thinking that hey maybe the Philippines was a really rich country that time. Then it crossed my mind that all the money came from Bank loans? World Bank maybe? Last time I heard the country have Trillions of Pesos in debt. Also I think even before the Marcos’s regime Philippines was already a corrupted country.

    1. The Philippines was the 2nd most progressive country next only to Japan when Marcos became president in 1965. When he and his family of plunderers were literally saved by the US Air Force in 1986 from an outraged people ready to lynch them to death, the Philippines was known as the “sick man of Asia”, saddled with debt that will take no less than 3 generations to liquidate.

      1. Read on the Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins so u may know who corrupted whom and who destroyed our economy. It is an interesting read.

      2. I agree with the above statement completely! Sometimes it can be bewildering how people can so completely blind! When the Marcoses left the country, the Philippines was not wallowing in wealth but completely bankrupt!! AT that time I was old enough to see Imelda shopping with an entourage and holding a disco in one of her apartments, not sure whether that was in New York, having a good time. And now Imelda is eagerly anticipating her grand entrance in Malacanang with her expensive gown and jewelry, flaunting the Marcos wealth and at the same time claiming that they are paupers. Good Lord, this could be for the Guinness Records!

      1. You’re funny…does anybody knew how to count? As i see, the alleged Marcoses spending totalled to billions and trillions of dollars, while the outstanding balance in foriegn debt is just 27billion dollars? Its not good balance sheet! One more thing, if the Philippines was that rich in Marcos time, why after 30 years it was not able to produce riches that will surpass the Marcos time economy? Cant you just close your mouth if you have nothing good to say, anywherewanderer…

      2. Did you see the documentary of the BBC in which Imelda shows the reporter a deposit slip (or so) of 970 billion usd? I suppose it must be something invalid now. But gives me the impression she is very naive – even about what he was really doing. Possibly the larger part of the loot was stolen from them by others.

      3. Did you see the documentary of the BBC in which Imelda shows the reporter a deposit slip (or so) of 970 billion usd? I suppose it must be something invalid now. But gives me the impression she is very naive – even about what he was really doing. Possibly the larger part of the loot was stolen from them by others. And also others in their family and government needed to be paid off.

    1. LIAR ! What ills are you talking about as compared to the 30 years of Aquino-Cojuangco Kamag-Anakan Incorporated and the “Yellow Oligarchs Plunders ! Martial Law saves the Philippines from Communism : All PFEM Presidential Decrees are Just,Legal, Valid, In Effect and part of the Fundamental Laws of the Land until now ! Do your Research Work !!!

  3. this is just a story that people used to distroy marcos jr. they dont even report how many governent agency that was for the philipino people that cory used for his family and now phillipines is corrup

    1. No, it is not just a story that “anti-Marcos” factions use, Anoni. You may want to believe that. But if you do believe it then, sadly, you are believing fantasies.

  4. Thank you for this article. I know it is lengthy and the Marcos’ fanatics might not even bother to read thus they are still making funny comments here. But to those of us who experienced first hand that doomed era, still have vivid memories that have been tattooed to our souls. Yes we had infra structures but those were also sources of kick backs, plenty of Marcos’ cronies benefitted from. And where did we get the money? World Bank. We were living way beyond our means in those times and we are still paying for the loans until now and many more years to come with compounded interests. We had been blinded by the false image that there were less crimes in those days. It was Martial Law. No one could report the truth nor say anything wrong against the administration other wise you will be labeled subversive or communist. In those times you could not look at the military in the eyes, they were the “kings” of beer houses. If they were not fighting the NPAs they were fighting against each other over who was more powerful. I also saw some postings about free food for the children in those days. Those free food were donations by international and U.S. agencies. These are some of the reasons why written history is important otherwise people with money could have them distorted in their favor.

    1. Yes like the Cojuancos they can have them distorted in their favor. Like the history they tell you in school. Ey?

      1. tatlong dekada na inimbistigahan.. may napatunayan naba..
        pagsinabi sayo na magnanakaw ka eh magnanakaw na agad..
        yan ang batas nyo..

      2. I wiah AnywhereIwander will rite about the Luisita massacre which also involved lost lives.

    2. Preach it, girl!

      Those too young to know and those getting paid to lie should commit this timeline to memory.

      1. This piece of shit is just a pure hearsy and a mere fake news….the Total amount spent by Marcos to build his project was doubled to the money the country had at that time including loans from the world bank in what way Ferdinand Marcos plunder our capers. Utak taeng dilawan na lang maniwala sa mga post na Gaya nito

    3. Oh yeah at least they distributed the food the the poor people/ what happened to Yolanda victims just the food donations they didn’t even bother to distribute how much more the money they lira lot fr foreign donations. You only see what you want to see look back and open your eyes

    4. do you know cattle rustling was eliminated during Marcos time. DO u that NPAs forcibly take harvests at gun point to the helpless farmers. DO u know that the NPA taxes the farmers at gun point too. But with Martial law the went away and gone.
      Do u know that donations from international institutions reaches the kids(we) in the elementary schools together with the oatmeal and milk. yes it reaches the recipients. so unlike Yolanda. Yes there were crimes but how many were attributed to the FM regime that were committed by the NPA/CPP. Tip of the iceberg. We are not rich country so we needed loans to finance the numerous infra projects. Too much corruption, until now it exist and more brazen, it is not exclusive with FM regime where now has became more brazen. But the we got to enjoy the infra. These are not funny comments. These truths the yellow narrative will not take but focus on shortcomings. Too bad as human as we can be, we must at least be grateful when there is something given especially beneficial to the nation. U can not trivialize FMs regime because of its solid projects.

    5. the marcos fanatics would say that filipinos benefited from the infrastructures built during marcos regime…. but they (marcoses) benefited more because of the kick backs. as i’ve said in my fb account: the end doesn’t justify the means

  5. Why questioned the Marcos if they really can afford those? They are really rich before they entered to politics. Marcos have a lots of golds and invested in Swiss bank and that is what PNOY are using for road widening “tuwid na daan” I still believe this country can still go further if he can continue his regime, unlike the yellow propaganda that trying to destroy credibility of others.

    1. Sadly if you believe this, you are believing a fantasy. Did you ever question where his money came from originally? Did you ever bother to research just how much debt he and his cronies caused to the Philippines? Do you actually know how much money he stole from overseas aid? It would be good if you could do some research rather than take “hearsay” as fact. Thirty years later and the tangled network of his foreign bank accounts, investments, property holdings that he purchased with money that belonged to the Filipino people, are still being investigated.

      1. As what I read Marcos was stockholder of top 300 corporations in the Philippines, and he was befriended by top businessman who works for him doing business..that’s why when Cory took over these companies was sequestered and confiscated as well as the properties you cited here, some companies never been sequestered at all as they turn their coat for Cory, knowing all this hidden wealth went into government coffers and so where it is now?!

      2. Unfortunately, until today none can persecute them. None of these so called politicians can, because the truth of the matter is that their big supporters still came from the Marcoses’ cronies. The illness of this country will continue until such time people of the Philippines will learn how to vote wisely and put someone in the highest position of the land who has a pure intention of making this country better and has the will power to do it!

      3. Anywhereiwander, suppose you tell us also about the misdeeds of president aquino and budget secretary butch abad. how they are systematically and legally stealing trillions of pesos. if you can remember what happened long ago surely you can remember what is happening at present. an insider said that butch abad and aquino has mentored janet napoles to put up fake NGO’s where their cronies too will channel PDAF allocations. you tell us also how aquino bribed the senators to impeach CJ Corona inorder to prevent hacienda luisita from being distributed to poor farmers. you must tell us also how the aquinos are trying to sell mindanao to malaysia.

      4. You are such an ignorant…you don’t know what are you talking about…you are poisoning the readers…obviously you hate the Marcoses…and guess what BBM will soon be back where he belongs…in Malacañan….you were such a bias…FYI please don’t use GODs name to get people’s sympathy…

      5. Excuse my arrogance, Nenita, but I believe I am far less ignorant than you. You have obviously had the wool pulled over your eyes for a long time. And it is hard to give up your beliefs when faced with the truth. So you may simply cling on to your very skewed ideas about the Marcoses. And, as far as taking, “God’s name to get people’s sympathy”, I would certainly never do that since I am – and have always been – an atheist. But, as the current Pope has pointed out, many of those who do not believe in God live a far more “Christian” life than some of those who profess to be Christians.

    2. Hey anywhere you wonder, if your so good about doing research why you didnt even mention about the corruption in the world bank? About Karen Hudes? About the Tallano clan? Or a certain Wolfgang Struck? Bush once claimed that the Philippines is the riches country after the 911 attack and he said that Marcos knew it but he cannot talk now. Sadly you dont even have a decent profile picture.

      1. Because I don’t write about conspiracy theories, that’s why. If you want to indulge in conspiracy theories then I suggest you go onto other sites to do that. I only deal in facts, truthful facts. And if you can only believe fantasies then this is not the place for you to be.

      2. @anywhereiwander – facts you say? send me an email when you have written something about the Aquinos and how they destroyed the meaning of democracy for us.
        FYI. I’m not voting for BB Marcos.

    3. all is black propaganda i am martial law baby i know marcos is a great president,,just imagine how rich is the philippines that time to stole this huge or billions of money?and one more thing he build a numerous projects on his term with worth of billions also,then he steal a billions again from the people how did he do that?and nxt president cory aquino served the country for 6 years with a thrillion and do nothing why?

      1. Mr. Hardinan, just visit WIKIPEDIA in the Internet and type in Ferdinand Marcos to provide you DOCUMENTED account of his looting. You can also type in Bataan Nuclear Plant and read the caption “Controversy” to brief you on the extent of his corruption.

      2. Really? You are proud being martial law baby? Yet you still believe that Marcos was a great leader $1=php1 in 1960’s then 1986 how much was $ to php? And if you were martial law baby? Did you know that in 1982 philippines economy was totally collapsed ? No other country wants to lend money Marcos regime!

  6. So our country had had those $$$? And during marcos times, he spent it on his and wife’s personal interests? Come on.. This is so exag..
    In my own thoughts, who among politicians are not corrupt? But who among these corrupts made the Philippines one of the richest country in Asia? Im not a pro-marcos. I based my conclusions what was written in the history. Yes, Martial Law could be the worst but who are the affected anyways? Only the rich richer and richest. Businessmen must follow what the government says. No nightlifes because of curfews etc. Lets say no corrupt but the Marcos, then how about after his term? Corrupts are everywhere – Traffic police, customs and even in the brgys.

    1. @anywhereiwander.

      I agree with you but sad to say,until this very moment a lot have been blinded. The social media is a very powerful too to distort facts on favor of their selfish interest. The young Filipinos have forgotten or maybe has not FULLY READ the history and those fanatic refused to accept the reality. My mother who is 80 years old and lived in various parts of the Philippines have experienced the HORROR of martial law and how the marcos left the Philippines in bankruptcy. The tale of the olds are better way to understand and learn marcos period rather than relying on the social media. I admire you for posting this article. I even keep a copy of this so I wont forget.

  7. how reach is phillipines during marcos regime?to steal those million dolar or billion pesos in his term?and how many billions of infras project he did on his term?marcos build a numerous project on his 20 years of service but the nxt president after him until the present president has do nothing,,all big infras in phillippines is made by marcos and if he really stole money from the people how did he build this billions worth of projects?for me i believe that marcos is the great president president in the history of the phil,and i believe that he is a innocent at all,,remember marcos is a rich man before he entered in the politics,,try to research the history about his wealth,,

    1. I pity these people commenting about how great Marcos was. Do not get a Philippine History education at Facebook. Read published documents of Court Decisions from International Courts about the stolen riches of Marcos being returned to the government. Roads, Bridges, other infrastructure were built during his term but at a cost to us Filipinos. Our Debt ballooned to 27 Billion during his regime. I pity all of you who are victims of twisted and sickening pro-Marcos propaganda in Social Media.

      1. How right you are. People are too lazy these days to do any independent research or even have a thought of their own. They are so quick to believe propaganda. Little wonder the politicians can sway them so easily. Same is happening in the US. All due to laziness and a tendency to wear ignorance as a badge of pride.

      2. There are those Filipinos who do not have much knowledge of what went on during Marcos’ regime and that’s why they’re blind and are in denial to Marcos’ looting.

      3. Its because Filipino people are sadly gullible. Third world country brains. We are the only country in the world who put a dictators son back into goverment post. How stupid!

    2. Yes you’re right Romeo during the 20yrs terms of Marcos he built a lot of infrasture aside from other big projects..and now they were saying he stole a big amount of money wherein he spend billions of pesos for this projects..I’m just thinking where did he got this hidden wealth and from the time he left which was 30yrs now since the 1st edsa revolution all the president’s including noynoy had done less projects for our country it means that they stole much bigger amt of money than Marcos because now the yearly collected taxes reaches trillion of pesos aside from the loan they got from World Bank.

  8. thank you so much Caroline for sharing. Thank you for keeping the details of the events. You are so organized. Maybe you are God-sent on this particular issue. I just wish people would give time to truly analyze the history, and not just easily impressed by the usual litany of Marcos projects which we still pay until now.

    1. Thank you. I just wish those who are so pro Marcos would actually read the facts one day. But it is obvious the reason they don’t want to read it is because they might be forced to change their minds, think, ask questions. That can be an uncomfortable experience for people who have been inculcated by fantasies all their lives.

      1. No, we are not pro Marcos but we have self determination free of western critics, we have choices that you should respect, perhaps you never live in the country during martial law and after martial law, you just don’t have a clue what’s the real situation!!

  9. im not taking sides but if its true why is it no one sent to jail and marcos clan is still holding position in the government.. and one still running for vice president…. and still they are rich .. so i guess its not true..or we are stupid coz after all this happened they can get away will it…

    1. Why don’t you read more about it, Jonathan. It’s all there for people to see if they want to. The trouble is no one can be bothered. If you knew that until now both Bong Bong and his mother have not complied with the US Court decision that should repay the victims for the return of a very large amount of money. Because it was a US Court decision, unless they are extradited to the US, there is not much the Courts can do about it. But if either Bong Bong or his mother set foot on US soil they will be arrested for non-compliance. This is only one of several cases still pending. I would advise reading “Thirty Years Later” by Myles A Garcia. It is due out very soon and it has all the facts you will need to follow the many court cases that surround the Marcoses right now.

      1. Anywhereiwander, bcoz ur a great researchercan u pls do some more research like how much do we owe the world bank after marcos left for hawaii? And how much was it after cory aquino lefther post? Canyou also research about the poor farmers that was killed in mendiola in cory’s term. How about pnoys term? How many wer killed becasue of hacienda luisita. Or maybe why did pnoy gave dap to other agency when it is clearly stated in the law that it is forbiden.. Can you u that for me…..


    1. On Marcoses : Guiness Book of World Record isn’t credible !They have no official basis !!! They rely on false information and testimonies ! History will Vindicate the Marcoses and prove them wrong !

  10. Yes, it’s not! Even before all of these, Marcos already had the money (GOLD) which came from the Tagean -Tallano case and that was before his presidency. (Who is funding this site by the way?) #justmy2cents

  11. These are dangerous times indeed. Who would’ve thought that there’ll come a time wherein history can be so easily and conveniently distorted, bent and redrafted by a mere click of a button? The “digital” (young) generation is being consumed by these right and left propaganda at such an alarming pace. Sadly, most of us young folk are so gullible as to get swayed by self-serving fiction, strategically circulated in social media aiming to brainwash us (it’s only logical to assume that the young are the intended targets of such, as we never really got to experience the Martial Law era first-hand, making us vulnerable and conveniently susceptible to be swayed to what obvious ends these “termites” of history have set in motion). While it is true that there are two sides to every story, and that the victors are the ones who write the history books, in the case of events regarding a country’s internal conflict, one can look on external sources for one to deduce the truth. Ask a third-party source: one who cannot possibly benefit with taking either of the colliding sides. What has the international community said so far about the Marcos era? What have ever been recorded/reported by foreign media bodies throughout the course of Martial Law? How about the massive monetary debts the Phillipines have acquired during the Marcos regime, which continue to haunt us until now like a perpetual curse? And what is up with the 10,000 victims (not including those unaccounted for) of human rights violations? Are the relatives of such simply making-up stories to villify the Marcos government? Or are the victims just another unsightly statistics we’d rather forget at the flip of the page?

    Is there any cure for this sort of amnesia?

  12. These are dangerous times indeed. Who would’ve thought that there’ll come a time wherein history can be so easily and conveniently distorted, bent and redrafted by a mere click of a button? The “digital” (young) generation is being consumed by these right and left propaganda at such an alarming pace. Sadly, most of us young folk are so gullible as to get swayed by self-serving fiction, strategically circulated in social media aiming to brainwash us (it’s only logical to assume that the young are the intended targets of such, as we never really got to experience the Martial Law era first-hand, making us vulnerable and conveniently susceptible to be swayed to what obvious ends these “termites” of history have set in motion). While it is true that there are two sides to every story, and that the victors are the ones who write the history books, in the case of events regarding a country’s internal conflict, one can look on external sources for one to deduce the truth. Ask a third-party source: one who cannot possibly benefit with taking either of the colliding sides. What has the international community said so far about the Marcos era? What have ever been recorded/reported by foreign media bodies throughout the course of Martial Law? How about the massive monetary debts the Phillipines have acquired during the Marcos regime, which continue to haunt us until now like a perpetual curse? And what is up with the 10,000 victims (not including those unaccounted for) of human rights violations? Are the relatives of such simply making-up stories to villify the Marcos government? Or are the victims just another unsightly statistics we’d rather forget at the flip of the page?

    Is there any cure for this sort of amnesia?

      1. When you were a dictator and had shares in top 300 corporations in the Philippines and top businessman making money for you, on those times I don’t think these were impossible, people were aware of these, but if you live in the Philippines during those times and compare what we have today, we would say those Marcos days were the better days, and assuming Marcos plundered, it was sequestered, confiscated after so called Edsa, and now where are those properties now, did it went to the people to benefit from it?!Westerners can easily tell us do it, do that, but most of you doesn’t have a clue what the hell is the real situation there!!

      2. //
        // I’m just making an equivalent logic program for one of the
        // Marcos Loyalist I encountered
        // They are indeed so logical

        BOOL Marcos, Aquino_C, Ramos, Erap, Gloria, Aquino_N;
        BOOL Corrupt = True;

        Aquino_C = Corrupt;
        Ramos = Corrupt;
        Erap = Corrupt;
        Gloria = Corrupt;
        Aquino_N = Corrupt;

        If (Aquino_C == Ramos == Erap == Gloria == Aquino_N == Corrupt)
        Marcos = False; // Marcos is not corrupt
        Marcos = True; // Marcos is corrupt

      3. I have read a lot of documents about the wealth of Marcos and seem to me acquired
        legally. The Philippine history books did not mention any of their wealth came from
        but the first family of President F. E. Marcos her wife Enimesia TallanoVillamor Marcos who enhireted thousand tons of gold where the wealth started. They own the Central Bank of the Philippines 400 thousand tons Gold reserve and other central bank of the world. Search at Google the Queen of Queens Foundation Inc.

  13. What’s wrong with you people?? Have you forgotten what happened during the Marcos regime? How scary it was to go outside because you can be picked up by the military anytime and you have no right to question them? How freedom of speech cannot be practiced by media men, what more by ordinary civilians? Were you not born yet at that time? Well, ignorance is not an excuse. Laziness to do proper research is not acceptable. Marcos was a very intelligent leader. He knew how to build infrastructures to mask the thousands of crimes he and his army has been doing all over the country. I am very proud to be a Filipino when the topic is about the 1986 EDSA Revolution. The angry hearts of the Filipinos pushed everyone to join forces with no help from text messages, Facebook or YouTube. But damn, you dared repeat EDSA for Erap and Gloria to oust them but then, pull them out from jail and vote them again into office?!!! I don’t want to be laughed at by other countries with these silly acts in our government and the people, so please, just STOP! Oh, and don’t forget the other officials we have, like Enrile who were also Marcos loyalists who just flipped sides when they had no other choice. This is not merely being blind, you guys. This is being utterly stupid. Please forgive the word. I am not used to using foul languages or demeaning words but is the truth. Why hail those who have terribly done us wrong? It is like we are encouraging them to be bad. And giving confidence to those who plan to do the same. Oh, how I wish for the power of the prayers of Cory and her people to pray for this nation to wake up from this very sickening cycle in our country.

  14. The nerve of the Marcoses to run for government office?? Why not, if the people whom they have mistreated and violated are glorifying their names? We are continuing to put these kind of people in power. Come on! We never learn. Are we just like Algernon who keeps on going to the wrong direction and falling for traps?

  15. Hahaha.. This article is so messed up.

    Anyway, there was never a conviction. So you guys might want to approach pcgg and share this. They’ve been looking like fools, throwing wild punches for 30 years already.

    1. Oh there have been convictions. Of murdering his fathers opponent, of crimes against human rights (murder torture), of stealing the Yamashita treasure ( Also many hundreds of personal reports concerning other crimes and fake papers and fake medals. Everything they did was out of greed. Nothing to be proud of – but who cares about pride?
      And their long list accomplishments: all unpaid for – meaning: incompetent governance aswell.
      Now look out of your window and see an improving country – finally. Be proud if you need that.

      1. Lest you forget Madamme, the FM fathered the OFW that is why the country dodges all eco meltdowns of the world., accomplishments unpaid for, hello Philippines is not rich, we needed the loans to make the economy grow. US has 18Trillion dollars, only the repugs are complaining.

  16. whatever you say Marcos still the best president of the Philppines. During his time we life was easy unlike now our country is full of problem due to corrupt politicians… projects are delayed and most of it ain’t materialized because the money goes to the pocket of the politicians. unlike during Marcos project are pursued , because the money is directly goes to the project through the mayors. no need for congress and senate to approve it. Marcos knows that the money will go only to their pocket.

  17. Most Filipinos now were awaken that they have most decent living during Marcos regime compare to the present. Some of the money are already in our present government but they did not distribute it. Why? because they are also corrupt…. If just in case Marcoses returned all the money… Will the Filipino people benefit from that or they will also landed in the hands of our corrupt official. Maybe Marcoses do not want to give all their wealth while there is still corrupt officials in our government

  18. Pingback: Robert Chaen
  19. Yes, he had lots of projects and infrastructures built during his administration. But keep in mind his administration lasted about 2 decades whereas those that followed only had 6 years. So stop using that “more projects and more infrastructures” argument. And it doesn’t matter whether he stole a hundred or a billion pesos. Stealing is stealing and just because majority of our officials do it doesn’t make it okay. And if he was such a great president how do you explain the multitudes of Filipinos gathering on EDSA demanding his surrender of power?

  20. Please note the Central Bank losses as a result of Forward Contract and SWAP, what exactly was cause? Remember the effect of huge devaluation engineered by the WB and IMF; imagine the effect of 12 to 26 devaluation to a Forward Contract? By the way what happened to those identified Imelda jewelries, where are they now? Why the Nuclear Power Plant operation stopped by the Cory Administration? There are more questions that remained bigger questions to date, why? after all these years.

  21. My brother was shot by police men while directing traffic at P Y Margal st. Sampaloc Manila during the Marcos chaos. My folks were paid 5,000 pesos o reparation. Is life this cheap in the Philippines. My brother died a few months before graduating from UST college of Commerce. What a waste of life.

    1. Sometimes we fail to analyze, our situation today is a result of mishandling. A billion indebtedness will balloon and no matter how good the next president is, it is still impossible to cope in a very short period of time, especially if the people do not know the real meaning of the word discipline and responsibilities. How many of us is unemployed not because of unemployment but due to laziness. Admit it or not we are all responsible to where we are right now.

  22. I have read the listing in chronological order of the alleged ill- gotten wealth and expenses of the former Pres. FEM and his family whether it be for the Philippine Projects or for their personal benefits. I am for the satisfaction and unity of Filipinos and I am not for then FM side or for the ruling PNoy Administration. Just for clarity or to give new information, being now the Sole Administrator and Representative of the Genuine New Sole Signatory and Successor in interest (genuine ASM) of TVM (Tiburcio Villamor Marcos) who is still alive at 115 years old ( the real Sole Heir/ Owner of the Global Wealth and OCT 01-4 Real Estate Property of the Royal Clan of Prince Julian Macleod Tallano) and also Sole Representative of new Signatory / new Trustee / Successor in interest of former Pres. FEM on the Eternal Wealth entrusted to him by the Divine Creator), the Philippines and the Filipino people are really the richest country and people in the world. Sometime in 1949, as per the document entitled Declaration of Gift of Love from the Royal Clan as attested by then Pres. Elpidio Quirino, Central Bank Governor of the Philippines and the members of the Monetary Board, great world leaders and the representative of the Royal Clan, made known to the whole world that Prince Julian Macleod Tallano’s only grandson Tiburcio Villamor Marcos coded TVM-LSM-666 was the Sole Heir/New Owner of their Global Wealth. A certain Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz who was the Depositor/Trustee of the Royal Clan’ wealth assisted by his personally chosen legal counsel of TVM-LSM-666, then young & brilliant Atty. Ferdinand E. Marcos, established a Special Trust Fund out of the Global Wealth consisting of gold, platinum and precious diamonds worth about U.S. $ 500 Trlllion in favor of TVM called the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement to be administered and managed for 55 years by the Bailee Central Bank of the Philippines with maturity ending year 2005. The said Bilateral Agreement was executed and signed in August 11, 1950 by former President Elpidio Quirino and Central Bank Governor MIguel Cuaderno representing the Filipino people and Representatives of the Royal Clan, Trustee Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz, former President Harry S. Truman, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower-Supreme Commander of the All Allied Nations, Gen. Chiang Kai Shek of China, Chairman Mao Tze Dong of China, Premier Chou En Lai of China, Gen. Francisco Franco of Spain and Atty. Ferdinand E. Marcos. Before this agreement, in a meeting of the Monetary Board in Jan. 3, 1949, they agreed among themselves with the approval of the President of the Philippines and the Congress of the Philippines, to request the Royal Clan that portion of the wealth, about 600,000 metric tons of gold shall be borrowed to comply to the required back up of our currency / gold reserve for the newly established Central Bank of the Philippines with interest of 1% p.a. to be returned to the Sole Heir/New Owner upon maturity in 2005. It was also agreed, upon request of the International Government then represented by Pres. Harry S. Truman, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, Chinese Leaders Gen. Chiang Kai Shek and Chairman Mao Tze Dong, Head of Spain, UK and Russian leaders that while the said Global Wealth of the Royal Clan was deposited in trust for 55 years, for the meantime, with minimal interest, this can be used as back up for managerial papers and banknotes worldwide to help in restoration projects for the damages incurred during WW II, allowing the Central Bank of the Philippines to act as the Prime Servicing Bank, Bailee and trust account administrator/manager/holder in lending other countries or help them avail of the International Loan Investment Program through gold bullion banks worldwide with maturity in 2005. All of this transactions involving the TVM Special trust Fund aside from the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement were covered with Genuine Documents at the World Bank, International Treaties, Global Insurance from Loyd’s of London, Global Immunity, Property Laws, Operation Embargo Act 1807 and the Bank Laws on Bailment. Above all, under the Bilateral Agreement, it is certified by world financial authorities and provided that the global wealth is free from lien, unencumbered, clean and of no criminal origin and that upon maturity in 2005 and beyond, the sole discretion to move, remove, activate or withdraw the same belongs to the Sole Heir/New Owner Tiburcio Villamor Marcos, nobody else. From the said portion ( 600,000 metric tons) of Global Wealth of Tiburcio Villamor Marcos, Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz and Atty. Ferdinand E. Marcos got 15% each as their share for their services equivalent to 90,000 metric tons. Therefore, even before Atty. Ferdinand Marcos became Congressman, Senator and President of the Philippines he was already rich as he was able to get an advance part of his share from the global wealth of Tiburcio Villamor Marcos and went into gold trading business in other countries of the world. Just like anybody else who earned his income legally from his own sweat, he is free to use or abuse it for his comfort and enjoyment. We can not therefore question if her First Lady engaged herself in her buying spree in other countries for whatever she liked before, as long as she used their own money. This is maybe the explanation why the Administration of Pres. FM accomplished so many projects and spent more than the annual budget and why there were so much money deposited abroad by the Marcoses which were subject of cases filed abroad but were dismissed as it has not been proven if the same had been the result of corrupting the money of the government as there was no huge money of the government then. Well, of course, if there was ill gotten wealth by Marcos sequestered by PCGG which was finally proven and decided in a court proceeding, that should be admitted without question. In fact, there were certifications (hidden) from the government that Marcos was cleared of the ill-gotten wealth charges as early as 1986 for no probable cause because said wealth that the PCGG was trying to sequester and freeze does not belong or owned by Marcos but is a Divine Wealth/Eternal Wealth already entrusted to a new Trustee/Signatory coded genuine ASM. In 2013, again, PCGG upon instruction of PNoy tried to revive the charge of ill-gotten wealth but they were warned anew by Worldbank that the Eternal Wealth does not belong to Marcos but was a Divine Wealth. Thus, where will Marcos get the alleged ill gotten wealth of U.S. $10 or 20 Billion when he was President if not from his said share ? He can not touch the TVM account as he was not the owner/signatory and the maturity was then 2005. It is worthy to point out, that as per alleged report and record of the Wolrdbank, the foreign debt ending the administration of Pres. FM in 1986 was U.S.$ 30Billion. This was paid out of the almost U.S. $ 1 Trillion income of the wealth of TVM deposited at Landbank of the Philippines before it was invested at Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. As per updated record in year 2012, the same was returned to same account of TVM at Landbank of the Philippines with U.S. $ 7 Trillion balance. This is where the Philippine Government get the payment for the U.S. $ 110 Billion foreign debt incurred by different administrations from 1986 to 2004. And where did these foreign loans go? Instead of using it all for infrastructure development as borrowed, 96% of each loan per administration after FM’s were invested in roll over program for 30 years in the U.S. Treasury and/or at HSBC Hongkong after deducting amount for development or maybe SOPs. What is worse is that every year the amortization payment for said foreign loans are automatically deducted about 40-60 % of our annual budget ( from taxes collected from the people). If all our previous foreign debt incurred from 1986 to 2004 were paid already courtesy of the account of TVM in Landbank of the Philippines, where did the automatic annual amortizations for our foreign debts go? And why would the people pay for it, the fact that it was not really used for development? Further, from 2005 to 2010, former Pres. GMA after clearing the foreign debt in early 2005, borrowed another U.S.$ 60 Billion from Worldbank. She invested the same in roll over programs to HSBC Hongkong and to the U.S. Treasury after deducting about U.S.$ 2 Billion for development. During the time of PNoy, ending only 2012 he borrowed U.S $ 2 Billion making our foreign debt ending 2012 again so big at U.S. $ 72 Billion. But about U.S. $ 9.2 Billion was not invested in roll over program and remained at the DBM ending 2012. We do not know if PNoy administration borrowed and invested further in roll over program from 2013 to date. Again, there is anticipation that they will touch the TVM account with out his authority to pay the foreign debt. But here comes now TVM and the new Sole Signatory /his Successor in interest to demand return, audit and activation of the TVM Special Trust Fund after its long over due maturity. Going back to the foreign debt, Marcos for 20 years reign, our foreign debt was U.S.$30 Billion as against Cory Aquino to Noy Aquino 30 years rule, U.S.$ 182 Billion + for what kind of accomplishments?

    For the Eternal/Divine Assets, Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz also got Atty. Ferdinand Marcos to be the Chief legal Counsel. These wealth was about the looted/plundered gold from the Western and Eastern Countries during WW II. In 1945 at the International Court of Justice , The Hague- upon demand of the claiming countries, made a ruling that for 30 years from 1945 to 1976, they can search and retrieve their gold without restriction from Philippine Government. As the time goes by, Atty. Marcos became Congressman, Senator and then President. The claimants did not retrieve or find their so called gold looted by the Japanese and Germans. But Marcos being President did his own treasure retrieval and remelting, documenting and reburying the same in secured places under the mountains and under the seas. Came the expiration of 30 years, only the Philippines thru Marcos recovered the so called treasure brought to the Philippines. But the ICJ gave another 30 years extension for the claimants to search and retrieve their gold here in the Philippines. Marcos invoked our right to own the Eternal Wealth as Filipinos were not the ones who brought it here but by destiny and by God’s Will it was returned here where it originally came from. Whoever owns the land, owns the gold. ICJ ruled that after 30 years from 1976, all gold found in the Philippines is now owned by the Filipino people. That will be ending 2005. Marcos did not survive the second expiration as he died in 1989. He could not touched the gold but have completed the documentation of those recovered and reburied ones. There are still unrecovered and undocumented underneath the ground which makes us the the World Treasury of the Divine or Eternal Asset. We can not sell or touch the Eternal Wealth but we can use it as eternal back up for all managerial papers and banknotes worldwide and its income earned for the benefit of Filipinos (70%) and the rest of the other countries of the world (30%). In fact in the early 1980s, Marcos was being convinced to sign a Trilateral Agreement for him to return the Gold in exchange for huge loans for the Philippines and for his being President for life, but he rejected the offer because he wanted that the gold be secured and saved so as to have the only means to save the Filipino people and the Philippines from forthcoming economic crisis and that this nation will be great again. The time has come, ending 2005, the successor in interest/ new trustee of the Eternal Wealth is Spiritual Wonder Boy or genuine ASM who an be identified with his birthmarks in his body as indicated in the Last Will and Testament of the Holder FEM.

  23. Sadly and tear dropping. this is the only we can do, read & comment and nothing else . because we are the ordinary Filipino people only, who are greatly affected. Start in our elder until now we are the one who is paying all the Filipino dept. Start in Marcos regime until now the corruption in Filipino Gov is still exist.

  24. Why did this article just surfaced now? then I suddenly realized, it’s election time folks!! I question the integrity, the validity and credibility of this author, since the released of this article is perfectly timed just few days before the election. You can expect this kind of mud slinging amongst candidates and their supporters. This article is so biased to one candidate. Since we are talking about plunder and corruption, I cannot help not wonder, how much money was involved to produced and write this article? Plus, what business does she have regarding the situations our country? If you are a Westerner as it shows in your profile photo, why don’t you write an article that ails your own country and your leaders, and I’m sure you can find plenty to write about! What’s the fascination about the Marcoses’? What is your main motive really?? Are you jealous of their wealth? You don’t have a business stating your opinion about a particular country, such as Philippines which you don’t have any affiliation to, or any business to write about.. If you didn’t do research about the opposing party and tell their whole story and the dirty works that they have done over the years as well, then you may as well shut up!,.. because your are only creating confusions instead of helping the voters find the truth about each candidate suitable to put in office..

    1. It didn’t just surface now. It was written at the time. This is my memoir blog and it has been up here for a while. My blog is destined to become my autobiography one day.

  25. This is a biased article it’s purposed is to harm the candidate and tarnish his famous name ” Marcos”. I question the credibility, the validity, and integrity of the author. The author doesn’t have the business writing this article other than to assassinate the character of the front runner running for Vice -President for his detriment, Senator Bongbong Marcos.. Since the topic is plunder, money and corruption, I cannot help but wonder how money was involved in producing this article…

  26. Actually it is the past 5 president’s fault why the Marcos family has come back.

    In 30years after we deposed them, the succeeding leaders have shown the people that it was really better under their rule.

    The so called revolution of the masses (oligarchs) failed the common people and it took 30 years and the son of the so called hero and his oligarch wife for the common masses to realize that it was really better during his time and that the propaganda machine of the oligarchs are loosing their power. Corruption is on a bigger scale, the slight discipline we once had vanished, killings are still ther, more and more people are being displaced.

    The masses are slowly but surely regaining their common sense and slowly but surely getting intelligent each passing election.

  27. Why only talk only of the marcos misdeeds? how about the misdeeds of ninoy aquino that has resulted to the declaration of martial law? why not talk also of the friendship of marcos and ninoy aquino inspite of ninoy’s treasonous acts? why not talk about the extramarital relationships between cory aquino and raul manglapus the reason that cory wanted to divorce ninoy? the character of cory was already reflected in her daughter kris aquino because kris aquino became a mistress of cory’s cabinet minister? anywhereiwander i think you were just one of the millions brainwashed by the 16 foreign media firms hired by cory to villify marcos using billions of pesos in poor filipinos taxes. really history was distorted to favor the people being used by unseen powers that are bent on destroying marcos.

    1. Joseph, pataka ra man intawn ka ug yawyaw! Where the hell were u when Marcos killed democracy and set himself up as DICTATOR for LIFE (good thing Ninoy came home despite threats to his life) in 1972?

  28. Actually, the legacy of Marcos is not about Martial Law… it is about Graft and Corruption… and it was all in the Constitution and by-Law that he had given to the Filipino People….

  29. Don’t argue with each other anymore. There are really different perceptions when it comes to the Marcoses. No amount of convincing will change the minds of those who benefitted from Marcos rule. That “Btanga” is probably a member of the Bitanga family – a Marcos crony. Naturally, they will pass on to younger generations, their opinions and thoughts comparing then (when power and money was within easy reach) and now. Some people are loyalists not because they were cronies, but because they knew and still know little, are easily swayed by what they see in TV, or have probably seen Marcos personally. Marcos after all was larger than life. It was easy to be in awe in his presence. He had charm. He was mentally strong. He could be hypnotic for those with weak minds – and remember that it was his secret intention to make Filipinos dumb and dumber with each generation so that it would be easier to control the country. So don’t waste your breath trying to convince a Marcos loyalist. Pity that person instead. If the numerous articles and books that came out have failed to convince them about the evils during Marcos time, a few lines in this comment section will certainly fail as well.

    1. I do believe it is better to keep telling people that Marcos became president for one reason: to become more rich. And he was very successful in that goal
      Talking can prevent others from joining in the misplaced adoration.

  30. First of all you dont look like filipino so stop telling lies because you americans always intervene with other countries!!!! Go back to your country and fuck your country!!! Stop telling us what is good for us because we abosultely know what our Pres. marcos did during his time. So what and who you trying to protect here? Your so called interest???Why you here in our country? You just trying to brain washed filipinos and let us separated. !!! Ypur research is not convincing because Marcos was acquitted and you cannot proved to all of us your damn lies about Marcosses!!! Shut your mouth !!!

    1. First of all, Grace, you should get your facts straight. Yes, I do not look Filipina. Why? Because I am English, not American. Secondly my children do look Filipino. Why? Because my husband, their father, is your National Artist, BenCab (Ben Cabrera). Thirdly, what interests might you be referring to? Please itemize them because, as far as I am aware, I have absolutely no financial interest in your country at all. Only a love of your country and its people and, of course, my half Filipino children. Marcos died before he could be acquitted of the financial crimes that Imelda and Bong Bong are still indicted for in the US courts. Neither of them can travel to the US without risking their immediate arrest on the tarmac. Absolutely no lie. I understand your hatred of the US since you were once a colony. But you should be extremely happy that the US taught you English (although yours is not great) as that has enabled Filipinos to be successful OFWs for the past few decades plus make large salaries in numerous call centers serving the world. Knowledge of English has been the Filipinos passport to successful careers and a good life. I would not be so rude as to tell you to shut your mouth. But, at least, get your facts right before you open it.

      1. I love your reply here!😀

        On the your topic though, I have to say it pains me to see so many are still oblivious to what is in front of them. This is one of the “side-effects” of that regime…learning to see what is good and blocking out what is not as long as it does not concern us.😦

        It’s so hard being the odd man out in a generation (and family) who believe in the goodness of FM (based on what they heard from here and there) and yet attack any who try to correct them with facts, demanding for proof. The proof is everywhere. They just need to open their eyes. When proof is provided, the accusation becomes that it is a doctored proof. Why can’t they just open their eyes and learn the facts for themselves??

      2. I totally agree. Some of us Filipinos have very short memory. We tend to disregard the real victims of martial law during the Marcos regime. We should never forget that during those years we have suffered so much while the Marcoses wallow in the excesses and riches of our country. Let us not forget the victims of martial law, the real heroes of our time. And let’s not forget that crime does not pay.

  31. Lets wait for the upcoming president what he could do before we make our comments kasi pag nandyan na at hindi nka perform ng maganda sisihan na naman kahit sino pa sa kanila mahrap paniwalaan hanggat walang nangyayaring maganda sa Pilipinas.
    It is apparent that they would promise all, even the moon to get the attention of our country men but to do the right thing and to prove that they want to serve the filipino people is a difficult task to attain.

  32. wow..for reading the above article for almost an hour after all, the comments are still filled with idiots praising the greatness of the Marcosses like gods!!! They ruled the Philippines for 20 years and you boasted only the 1 and only San Juanico bridge and thousand of small country bridges and country roads, a few major hospitals and mediocre centers (heart and lungs), a few theaters like CCP, 1st LRT, power plants, Luzon Highways north or south, and what else? what other else? How much they stole all are well explained…find time to contemplate and understand…that is your money! I am Martial Law child who is supposed to witness and benefit the grandness of what the Marcosses have contributed to our country but I felt nothing except the domino effect of corruption they had started of which until now, pieces are still falling down one after another. To those who are still riding the sweet dreams of the great McCoys, wake up please. If Marcos is great then how great is Lee Kuan Yiew then? Look at the real measure of a successful leader in the image of Singapore. When the Marcos fled, they brought tons of stolen wealth and left behind the legacy of thieves. When LKY passed away, he does’nt want to bring into his grave any credit nor personal greatness as all he did was just for the service of his country (no holidays in his honor, nor streets names or museums under his name…he ordered his own house to be torn down so no memories of him to remain). Yet what he left behind is a Singapore full of greatness and success and discipline and a country of people living in pride who hailed and proclaims the “LKY Culture”. The Philippines and the world will remember the Marcoses as the great thieves forever…When you say “Marcos Culture” – for me it means generation of corrupt government officials who caused the Philippines to suffer forever.

    1. Do you know that Lee Kuan Yew was one of the Best friends of Marcos in Asia?

      Most of what Singapore had today was based on the ideas and minds of Marcos applied by Lee Kuan Yew.

      Most of the Singaporean elders here knew Marcos and high admiration on him.

      I was once a Marcos critics because I was also a Pro Ninoy when I was 9 years old but as time passess by, it more apparent to me that there are lots of Achievements during the 1970s compared of today.

      Democracy was restored and we are so thankful for that but it also produce more corruption and crime.

      As what Lee Kuan Yew was mentioned, what we need is MORE Discipline in top of a Democratic Country.

  33. Thirty years after Marcos, did the administration that followed him improved the lives of the average Filipino? Is there less poverty after Marcos? Is there significantly less corruption in the government? Are there any human rights violation after Marcos?

  34. This article is unfair!!!! The son is a different person than his father. Why are you trying to resurrect His father sins (which was never proven even after two Aquino presidencies as true) and levy against his son????????

    Based on Bongbong Marcos performance as a Governor of Ilocos Norte, he had done positive things for the province which made it grow economically. No corruption. No politicking. Pure growth for the betterment of his constituents.

    If you were in Bongbong’s shoes and be judged using this unfounded accusation, do you like it? How would you feel? Is this just and fair?

    Please be true to yourself and stop this non-sense!

    1. Mr. Charlie Avila you are a LIAR and HYPOCRITE and a FRAUD !!! For all these years of spreading lies and deceits : hearsays and false informations but nothing proven ! GET LOST !!! The Philippines needs REAL CHANGE : for DUTERTE or MIRIAM for President and MARCOS for VP.

    2. Anoni moss, you and/or your parents were probably Marcos cronies that benefited from all the stolen Philippine wealth and continue to deny that Martial law happened so you can sleep better at night.

      Jel Yulo, same goes for you. Educate yourself. Bong Bong was an officer under his father during the last portion of hid dictatorial rule.. He benefited both personally and professionally as well as directly and indirectly from the ill gotten wealth of his family at the expense of the Filipino people.

      Stupid people like you need to get the Marcos scrotum out of your mouths and the Marcos semen out of your eyes. Go perform fellatio on Bong Bong if that will make you all feel better. #NeverAgain

  35. The Marcoses can afford everything they want to buy…ferdinand marcos has tons of gold bars he earned as lawyer to a SULTAN who wanted to bring his gold to the Philippines. Ferdie as his lawyer helped him to do all the paperworks and legality. The fact is that is the only valid reason why there is no way the government can even legally sequester marcoses wealth in switzerland…because this gold bars don’t belong to the government…so get your facts and go to hell

    1. I find it sad that the only thing Marcos supporters can do successfully is be abusive. They know they don’t have facts on their side so they simply resort to intimidation, swearing, rudeness and threats to get their message across. Perhaps if they actually bothered to check their stories rather than rely on the lies, fabrications and obfuscations churned out by the Marcos propagandists they would realize their stories simply don’t add up. The truth is out there, just go and look for it rather than relying on others to do it for you.

  36. ,Marcos , have more projects made for the Filipinos, but until the next generation, and generations, they are still rich . until the great grandchildren. They made more money while sitting on the throne.

  37. The only way to know the truth about the Marco’s wealth (only) is to ask for the full documentation of the Tallano (Agean) Family from Malaysia.

    Maybe it’s true, maybe not. But it’s astonishing that a family is carrying a map and a document that’s nearly 500 years old signed by the different datus all over the Philippines.

  38. How sad that people believes the illussions that marcoses created. Filipinos are so stupid that we are so close on reelecting another marcos on one of the highest position in the country. If we can only be loyal to our country rather than a political family may be we can have a nation that we deserve.

      1. I neglected to say thank you for the great article.

        You are too kind. too reasonable … but probably right to be so!

        Anybody who defends Marcos is deluded. They do not appear to have any idea what the truth is. One of them calling someone a liar is ridiculous. It is like someone in a straight jacket in a mental instituation calling a normal person insane.

        The people here who make apologies for Marcos, make arguments which are (said it before) beyond any reasonable comprehension.

        They blur together sepearate issues. What did Marcos do? Look what the Aquinos did! What did they do? Stop persecuting them? (As Imelda flies overhead in herhelicopter!). If they did so much wrong, why hasn’t it been resolved? Because the Filipino system doesn’t work!

        The hole in the economy is clear for all to see.

        I know a little about Singapore, and I can only think that Lee Kwan Yew was cultivating a ‘friendship’ for practical reasons. That is a ridiculous attempt to gain some credit by association. LKY was an immensely intelligent man. He needed no guidance from Marcos, who was at best cunning. Apparently at the start of tghe 70’s Singapore and the Phiilippines were not so far apart economically. Look at them now. Marcos made a large contribution to that lack of progress.

        anywhereiwander … too forgiving, tribal quick to forget … is a very good analysis, and contains a good dollop of truth. They are generally people who do not think too deeply about too much. 400 years of occupation is responsible for it not being a meritocracry. There seems to be little expectation of striving for improvement. And … so much more.

      2. ANYWHEREIWANDER… I just want to know what are you up to by writing this article againts the MARCOSES…if you really care for the FILIPINO’S why you sounds so bias? don’t you realize that things happened for a reasons….GOD BLESS

  39. This is bullshit!As if other Presidents after him didn’t do corruption!Just leave the Marcoses alone, they are facing all these charges for many decades now, their family suffered enough and trying very hard to please everyone but everyone has bad things to say about them and all people have something to say as if they know everything.If they been plundering billions of dollars why not resolve all these years?and where is it?Leave it to the courts and stop doing this BS!

  40. I like Ben-cab and his arts,,,But I love you more because of your Dedication to TRUTH and INTEGRITY…as a PILIPINO. who have to leave because of economic reasons done by the conjugal dictator..I might leave this world earlier than the others, still with this (sickening)(many) ADOLATERERS of the MARCOSES….but at least to a relief that you have the audacity to write this (in chronological order at that..!)..At least again,,, I can save this for my grandsons and granddaughters for them to know the TRUTH…(fully) Thank you very, very, Much..gbt…


    1. As they will always say…”a believer need not be convinced as no amount of evidence, documents, testimonies can suffice…they always start with “show me what you have” and when shown, prove it and must be beyond reasonable doubt…fact is. we may never witness that or should I say that we may both die before these cases are finally resolved. We are both aware how the justice system works – in legal spectrum “an accused has technically have more rights to disprove the accusations compared to the aggrieved”. I have no question nor against the justice system, but I am surely against if this type of system is abolished; and it was, during the martial law. During the martial law, the accused has no rights, totally stripped of his legal rights, including basic human rights or dignity to defend himself. And by the way, when the democratic institution/system was finally restored after the ouster of the marcoses, by no less than the late Corazon Aquino thru a democratic process via congress; the same judicial system is now what the Marcoses is enjoying and exploiting to the hilt to protect themselves. Whereas, in comparison, the countless citizens who suffered during the martial law years did not even have the same chance to ask for a the called “beyond reasonable doubt”, they were automatically charged as guilty. Others where technically charged in a kangaroo court, or in some cases thrown in jail, tortured without legal charges. Worst, they never had the chance to even speak as they were incarcerated in places where only God knows, and for some, they are missing up to this day. I don’t think anyone can dispute the family and relatives of those who lost their love ones during the martial law…unless you are so blind enough to ignore what is before you.

  42. The Trilateral Commission are after Marcos Gold make a research so you know what’s going on

    1. Absolute rubbish. Just demonstrates how far Marcos and his family will go to obfuscate, confuse, fabricate and lie to the people about the origins of their wealth. There was no “royal” family of the Philippines – ever. George Bush, at the height of the 9/11 tragedy, was never asked “which is the richest country in the world?” Pure fantasy. Sadly, some people are taken in by what appears to be “official” documents and newspaper clippings. But these are all very easy to forge and construct. It doesn’t take a genius to do that.

  43. Thank you, Ms. Kennedy. This will now be part of a knowledge treasure trove that I would like my children to have. Let the Marcos apologists and history revisionists foam at the mouth using countless fallacies to defend a criminal regime. FACTS will remain FACTS.

  44. How can you claim that Marcos had robbed the country if the total budget and the total (foreign debt) his administration had accumulated on his 20 year term is shorter than the actual cost of all the projects he had built for the Country which by now we Filipinos are benefitting?


    5,000 METRIC TONS OF GOLD DEPOSITED @ National Bank of DUBAI by the SUCCESSOR HEIR / SOLE SIGNATORY with codename: 010-22-74-O-A – – –
    * *
    10,000 METRIC TONS AU & USD $ 1,700,300,000.00 DEPOSITED @ SAUDI ARABIA BULLION BANK BY THE SUCCESSOR HEIR / SOLE SIGNATORY with codename: 010-22-74-O-A – – –
    * *
    * *
    * *
    SIGNIFICANCE OF TITULAR DECREE 010-22-74-O-A & TRILATERAL I.D. NO. 5432110110 with TVM-LSM-666 under the code of K.O.R.A.N
    * *



    * *
    EL BANCO ESPANOL FILIPINO OFFSHORE CAPITAL DE TVM & EL BANCO ESPANOL DE ISABEL II, the first Bullion Bank established August 1, 1851, and the sole founder of the Central Bank of the Philippines established in January 3, 1949 – – –
    * *
    * *
    DOJ & LRC ADJUDICATION OF OCT. T-01-4 (1979) – – –


  47. Marcos has built many projects which were highly overpriced, like the Bataan Nuclear Plant which was never used, Cultural Center while being built collapsed and many laborers were buried and never even tried to be rescued because this project of Imelda has a deadline to come up to. The era is also the beginning of the military to be corrupt.

  48. This piece of shit is just a pure hearsy and a mere fake news….the Total amount spent by Marcos to build his project was doubled to the money the country had at that time including loans from the world bank in what way Ferdinand Marcos plunder our capers. Utak taeng dilawan na lang maniwala sa mga post na Gaya nito

    1. Excuse me, but your comment has no substance, no facts to back it up and no sense of reality. If you are a Marcos lover – fine. I understand your desire to protect his “legacy”. I understand your need to shred any criticism of his actions. But you must supply real (not fake) facts to back up your assertions.

      1. They don’t care about facts. All they want is to win, even if it means killing those they hate.

        Unfortunately, greedy men like him think his gods have returned, ready to “save” the country when in reality it’s like welcoming robbers and rapists to ravage one’s home.

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