I am posting this article by Andrew Lim as it sums up my feelings exactly. I watched Bong Bong’s early years in the UK. Stories leaking out from his school only served to confirm that he was, in every unpleasant, bullying way, his father’s son. 

young bongbong

by Andrew Lim

With Bongbong Marcos running for Vice-President in 2016 sans standard bearer and party nomination, one easily sees it as a tactical move, one that sets a higher future objective: becoming President of the Republic. It is a test, now or never, and would be the Marcos family’s last chance since Bongbong’s siblings are not interested and their matriarch is near the end of her life. A last chance to artificially cleanse their legacy and revise history.

A common rationale – “he is not his father”, used in the past by the extreme Left when the Nacionalista Party adopted Satur Ocampo, and used lately by the plummeting Binay does not hold water because of the massive ill-gotten wealth. In both instances laughable since all their principles went out the window. Where exactly did the Marcos wealth come from?

An even weaker argument – one that this writer believes is a product of the “easy forgiveness” culture encouraged by the dominant religion here- is that we should forgive and forget, and move on. As if the pursuit of justice is not as central and important to one’s faith as forgiveness.

Marcos Squid Tactics

Bongbong is not the least apologetic. He re-frames constantly, avoiding direct responsibility for anything, and tries to dangle alternatives to make people forget their track record.

“We are here to serve. That has always been the culture in my family.”

“Many cases have been brought to court here and in the US. But if you talk to people, they are not concerned about that. Filipinos are concerned about their lives today. They want answers: ‘Why are there drugs in our streets? Why is the crime rate going up at an alarming rate? Why is the educational sector miserable? Why is distribution of wealth not happening? Why is the government not doing anything?’ . . . This is what people are worried about, and that’s what I will address.”

“What happened in 1986 happened already. These things have already been decided. To analyze it belongs to those historical scholars. But I am not a historical analyst. I am a public servant. All I look at is what people want from their public servants. It’s very simple: leadership, a plan, a program, policies to improve their lives.” [Marcos: Filipinos want solutions, not history talk]

The senator shows no remorse about his family’s role in Philippine history.

“I felt it to be an advantage, a blessing and I’m very thankful that I am a Marcos. . . . I am very happy that I was born into the Marcos family. I never felt it to be a burden.”[Bongbong: ‘I’m thankful I’m a Marcos’]

This comment has earned some sharp rebukes, and I hope the President and others in civil society will take up the cudgels and rebut the Senator.

Here’s the best tongue-in-cheek response to Bongbong, written by Boying Pimentel for the Inquirer; Boying was a veteran of the student protest movements in the eighties.

“It’s tough to know what’s going on when there’s so much partying going on. And as we now know from the home movies retrieved from Malacanang after the Marcoses were chased out of the country, the dictator and his family loved to party!

So how in the world would Bongbong know about the repression and the plunder that was taking place around the country. How was he supposed to understand this dark era of pain and brutality when all he saw were bright party lights and happy times.” [Bongbong Marcos is right: Why should he say ‘Sorry?’]

And for levity, Boying has this to say in a separate article:

“Yes, I think Marcos Jr. running for president would be a great idea for the following reasons:

(1) He wouldn’t win. . . .

(2) Bongbong would speak (and say crazy things). . . .

(3) Imelda would be in the spotlight again, speak (and say crazy things). . . .

(4) It would force the Marcoses to tap and move their hidden billions. . . .

(5) It would remind young Filipinos what Marcos Sr. did to the country. . . . “[Why Bongbong Marcos should run for president in 2016]

A Brief Primer on these Neo-Marcos Loyalists

Most of the originial Marcos loyalists – the politicos comprising the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan, the corrupt military men, and the civilians are either very old or have died by now. Kit Tatad, the youngest then in Marcos’ Martial Law cabinet is already in his late seventies. So who are these new supporters of the Marcoses?

Intrigued by this development, I investigated this phenomenon some years ago by engaging a number of these neo-Marcos loyalists in online and face to face conversations. And this is the disturbing and sad insight I got: Many of these kids come from very dysfunctional and broken families. The absence of responsible adults in their lives make them vulnerable to targeting by the Marcos camp. Some have one or both parents who work abroad, and multiple problems emerge from this set-up: many of the marriages break down, one parent carries an affair and the long periods of separation lead inevitably to alienation amongst the family members. Gradually, all crumble. The kids are adrift. They have to fend for themselves – either economically, socially, mentally and for the unfortunate ones, in all of them.

Lucky are those who have aunts and uncles or grandparents who can take over parental responsibilities, but they generally cannot give the constant attention and teaching, specially on political awareness.

It is a very gloomy world these kids live in, full of frustration and despair. They see the country as hopeless, and their futures bleak.

Enter the Marcos camp. Making full use of internet-era tools like Youtube, Facebook and blogsites, they create alternate universes of reality – that the Marcos era was a morally upright one, and cite its dubious achievements while glossing about the corruption and the abuse.

The head-scratching thing about it, though is that due to the absence of educated and responsible adults in their lives, these kids lap it all up, when all they have to do is ask around and read the reputable news sources. They are content to just read the Marcos-supplied propaganda, many coming from non-reputable sources.

A close parallel are the youthful ISIS recruits who are so disillusioned and distraught with their personal lives that they succumb to this romantic notion that joining ISIS is a noble adventure that would give meaning to their personal narratives. Female recruits are sold the fantasy of meeting their future husband-warriors in ISIS.

Why does this happen? My personal theory is that the fable that there was once a golden era and there is a chance it can be restored is a soothing one; it eases all the pain and angst these kids are undergoing, and that things are not in their control. There is a saviour, a white knight that will banish all their demons and magically restore their broken lives. And that messiah, albeit a false one, is a Marcos.

Not all of these Marcos loyalists are youngsters, though. On Raissa Robles’ website, I was able to converse briefly with an elderly loyalist. Intrigued as to her authencity, I requested her to provide bona fides. To my surprise, she did. Unfortunately, she never replied back, probably spooked as to how I was able to sniff out her real identity. I was most interested in having a real conversation with a person who lived through all those years and still come out in support of the Marcoses.

Except for benefiting personally from the corruption, perhaps a faulty, selective assessment?

There is just one practical way for Bongbong to make amends to the Filipino people. Apologize, and back it up by returning the rest of the ill-gotten wealth.

Otherwise, he is just as evil as his father and mother, and should be rejected resolutely.



    1. Bakit mainit ang puso mo sa mga marcoses at bakit puro masama tungkol kay marcos ang sinusulat mo? Patay na si marcos pero dikapa rin maka move on at si BBM ang pinag initan mo… nainggit ka? Di kumandidato ka rin against marcos tingnan natin kung manalo ka.. 64 yrs old na ako at nasaksihan ko ang panahon ni marcos noon ang mga tao noon ay disiplinado takot sa sundalo at pulis pero ngayon ang pulis at sundalo ang takot sa tao..
      Wag ninyo na ipilit ang galit ninyo kay Marcos at alam na alam namin at dilat na dilat ang mga mata namin na mas tahimik ang buhay nang pilipino noong martial law ang galit lamang sa martial law ay yong may masamang hangarin at inggit…MARCOS pa rin kami buong angkan namin sa pilipinas ang masasabi ko lang WE LOVE MARTIAL LAW! Ano ba ang pinaglalaban mo ilantad mo na kung sino ang gusto mong pangulo ng pilipinas dahil kami BBM pa rin, okey? Sabihin mo na lahat ang gusto at siraan mo na si BBM dahil kami nakapag desisyon na ayon sa dikta ng aming puso at utak… may reklamo?

      1. Felicity, 64 years ka na pero parang wala kang alam kung what happened during the martial law years. You are either benefited financially or otherwise by the regime or you are just a blind loyalist

      2. Eh di mag Marcos ka. Wala naman pumipigil sayo. Saka kanya-kanyang blog yan. Kung gusto mo ay gumawa ka rin ng blog mo ang kaso nga lang marami rin kokontra sayo gaya nang ginawa mo dito. Demokrasya na tayo at baka nakakalimutan mo kaya malaya kang kumontra. Pero sana ay yung isyu ang tirahin mo or rebutt mo at hindi yung mensahero, tsk tsk.

      3. I agree on certain parts of your post. That is only one part of the Marcos reign. Let’s talk about the others and make a final decision weather or not martial law is the answer to the society’s problem. Now, how about people who were murdered, kidnapped, raped, put to jail, etc. They never saw justice! How about stolen wealth, excess of soldiers and comrades with unlimited power, etc. At that time and to this day if you are poor, sick, disable, homeless, unemployed, you are nobody and no protection in law. And, many more I individual incidence and stories. Who will speak for the oppressed? Is martial law the answer to the societies problem? If your answer is yes, then this the better time to imposed martial law again. Pork barrel scam, Binay’s clan unexplained wealth, mass murder killings in Mindanao, among others. Know your history and read the daily headlines, man!

      4. it is just disgusting that there are still people blinded by the star power of the name marcos… really? marcos as the leader of the philippines? wtf are you people thinking?

      5. Yes sir bata ako pero inabot ko ang huling taon ng martial law. Opo tahimik at disiplinado ang mga tao nun. Ay d ponpala disiplinado. Sila ay walang karapatang mag salita. Naiinindihan ko ang inyng sentimyento pero sana wag tayong maging bulag sa katotohanan.nasaksihan nyo po ang panunungkulan ng mga marcos pero dilat po ba ang ating mata at tainga para makita ang lahat. Ung lang po ang aking taning sa inyo at Ang taong nagsulat ng artikukong ito ay nag papaalala lang ng nakaraan. Para sa mga kabataang pilipino gamitin ang utak sa pag pili ng susunod na mamumuno satin. Wag maging tanga.

      6. yumaman ka ba? Ulol maraming pinapatay na tao ang Marcoses. Suguro walang kang relatives na napatay nila. At saka ang billions of dollars na ninakaw nila. Anong puro masama ang sinasabi mo talagang masama ang Marcoses maski hindi pa naging presidente yan. You just do not know anything about them You are blind.

      7. What i am trying to say F.Marcos was already badbefore he became a politician. Quote, he killed NALUNDASAN of Ilocos but Laurel acquitted him because he found him a very smart man. At that time he was preparing for bar exam. Now, became a president,he started stealing billions of money plus he had a lot of people killed and imprisoned. I was in high school at that time. Anything you say against them, you are in trouble. Most of you do not know this because maybe he is your fellow ILOCANO or townsmate. I can say more but it won’t change the ignorance of some people here, thinking lets forget n forgive is good enough. Look d Philippine was o.k. before Marcos came now how much money do they owed now when he was ousted? Please i want to here the Marcoses loyalist depend his evil doings.

      8. You can be Marcos loyalist but for me i was there and i witnessed everything they did for 21 years, you did not have any relatives that Marcos had kidnapped n killed. Alsothey stole billions of dollars, did you get some or not. If you did good for you, or you are just ignorant!! Marcos left d philippine in bad shape financially. It was o.k. before he became a president, anyway corruption n other evil doing won’t go awayin the philippine. Blame the SPANIARDS!!!!!

      9. You just showed what your color and attitude is….BULLY. Just like the people who run Martial Law. You are a bully and dumb.

      10. You (Felicity) just showed what your color and attitude is….BULLY. Just like the people who run Martial Law. You are a bully and dumb.

      11. You know, I agree with you. My opinion is “tama lahat ang sinabi mo”. They kept saying corrupt si Marcos, but the truth is, mas lalo ngayon. If only they’ve read the expose’ about the leaders after Marcos, till now….. mas grabe!!! Open your eyes! Wake up! (know where the alleged “ill-gotten wealth” came from – make a research as you might benefit from it soon) This is my opinion and I am entitled to it.

      12. Sino ba sa mga candidates ngayon ang sa tingin ninyo mayroon talagang kakayahan na ipagtanggol ang Pilipinas? Lalo na ang TERITORYO ng Pilipinas?
        At kapag naupo ay magkaroon man lang ng takot ang mga taong nasobrahan na ng demokrasya. Too much of anything is dangerous ‘ika nga. Andaming kriminal. Walang takot sa batas. Madali na lang ang magnakaw, mang-carnap, mangidnap, mang-rape, magpalaganap ng droga, pumatay. Sabihin nating maraming namatay noong martial law, maiisigurado nyo bang lahat ng mga ‘yon ay inosente talaga?
        Sa mga kabataang ang nakikita lang ang hirap na dinanas sa martial law, mag-isip-isip. Sa lahat ng pangulong naupo, may kanya-kanyang pinagdaanang hirap ang bansa. Subukan ninyong magkumpara.
        Dati taga-export ang Pilipinas, ngayon import dito import dun. Katulad na lang ng mga magsasaka, hirap na nga. Pero minsan dahil sa mga imported goods, kelangan ipa-mura ang mga inani kahit puhunan na lang o minsan hindi pa abot sa puhunan ang benta. They are also people of the state, nasaan ang suport?
        Sino ba ang totoong na-brainwash? Ang mga history books, ang mga aklat na nalimbag ay marami noong panahon ni Cory, pagkatapos na ng panahon ni Marcos. Alangan namang si Marcos ang maninira sa sarili nya? Marami sa mga aklat ang mali, pinagtakpan ng mga paninira ang mga magadang nagawa ng nagdaang administrasyon.
        At ngayon ito ang blog na puro galit ang ipinangangalandakan. All negative. One-sided? Para ano? Para saan?
        Kung hindi tayo mag-iisip ng para sa bansa, kailan pa? Parang kay Pnoy na maski hindi naman talaga ganoon kagaling bago pa tumakbo sa pagka-Pangulo ay nanalo? Hindi na nga yata nahihiya ang ibang bansa sa atin? At kinakaya-kaya lang tayong bully-hin at angkinin kung ano ang gusto sa atin? At kung sino man na hindi pa talaga eksperyensyado ay sya na naman iboboto? O ‘yong iba, para sa sariling interes at pagpapacheesy?
        Minsan ang mga sinasabi nilang baliw, kung talagang titignan sya pa ang nakakapagsabi ng totoo.

      13. i agree with you completely, Felicity. Ang kano and sumira kay Marcos. Controlled nila ang press thru the Lopezes. Sila ang may-ari ng TV stations. I find nothing wrong with the martial law, i/we were just an ordinary law abiding citizen. It did not worry me/us. Yung mga galit kay Marcos ay yung mga taong gustong magkapera na di nagtagumpay. Or gusto ng power but di sila kasing galing ni Marcos. For me, the way i look at it, Marcos tried to do everything so that the Philippines will improve. I remember, he tried to stop corruption. My parents were working in the government where corruption is prevalent and Marcos was trying to stop it but it was the people on the top that were corrupt. IT WAS NOT MARCOS THAT WAS CORRUPT. Ofcourse the people on top that were corrupt did not like it. So galit sila.

      14. be thankful you can say what you want now… not during martial law. the Marcos’s were the best that time and no one else… fortunately today BBM can do whatever he wants because of the freedom we have today..

      15. Bait in-denial ka? Ang alhat na kasamaan ni Ferdie ay alam ni Bongbong at kanyang dini-deny! May katangahan ka ba o isa ka sa mag anak ng kampon ni Marcos na nagsamantala sa lahat ng Pilipino, bago martial law at during martial law?

      16. Meron pong reklamo. Kmi at ang aming mga salinlahi ang sumusuka sa mga ginawang karumal dumal ng mga marcoses na sana ay hindi nangyari sa pamilya mo. Sanay hindi ganito ang bansa natin at mga buhay natin kung di naupo ang mesiya mo. Kaya lng ang desisyon mo ay kami apektado dahil wqlang dapat maupo pang.marcos s malakanyang. Pakiresearch po sa tunay na nangyari noong dekada 70 at 80 para malaman mo at sanay di rin nangyari s buhay nio.

      17. You love martial law!?! You’re crazy! Why don’t you address smartly all the points raised by the author instead of just saying you love Marcoses and martial law? Kasi wala kang utak, hindi mo kaya mag isip.

      18. ang pamilya ko po ay hindi nakinabang ng pera sa marcos kasi kami ay mahirap lang…ako po ay 47 years old na…ako po ay Marcos Loyalist…hindi po kailangang maging maalam ka sa nangyari nung martial law, is alang po eto compared sa napakaraming ginawang maganda ng mga marcos…kaya po madaming nagagalit sa marcos kasi hindi cla nakinabang o nakinabang cla patago pero nadiskubreng crony cla kaya binawi na isinisisi nila sa mga marcos…lingon lingon din po tayo sa mga bansang masahol pa sa atin ang naganap…pero nakamove on na po cla…maunlad na po cla…tayo ang naiiwan kasi ung mentality natin nabubuhay pa sa kahapon…totoo po na ang history will shape the future…Lets vote for BBM!

      19. kaya lumabas yan post na yan kasi no.1 sa survey si BBM. sisiraan nanaman yan nang kampo nila mar. asahan mo next week si duterte naman ang sisiraan , kasi sabi ni google predict si duterte mananalo panic button na ang malacanang.

      20. kawawa ka naman Felicity, tumanda kang walang muwang sa nangyari sa dark era nang Pilipinas. pero mas kawawa and mga anak at mga apo mo (kung meron man) dahil ang matutunan nila ay distorted history from a distorted historian tsk tsk tsk.

      21. Felicity, ang tanong ay bat ang lamig mo sa lahat na ninakaw at pinatay ni marcos sa bansa mo? Si marcos pinagtatawanan siguro ang manga taong pilipino dahil madaling lukohin.

      1. Andrew Lim Tandaan mo chinese ka walang kang malasakit sa purong pilipino. Ang ginagawa mo ang manira lang. Nanh bumaba sa pwesto si marcos wala naman nangyari sa pinas nabawi ang mga ibang kayamanan ng marcos nasaan nayon nasa mabuting mga politician na magnanakaw nakabilang kana doon may nagbago ba sa pinas binenta at sinira panga ng mga aquino/chinese ang mga historical na pinagawa ng mga marcoses wala kang alam andre lim blogger ediot ka.

      2. I like this reply… Thank you for telling all this things… SOME PEOPLE CANNOT ACCEPT THAT MARCOS STILL IS THE GREATEST PRESIDENT REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES HAVE SO FAR .. PEOPLE DURING HIS TIME ARE SO DISCIPLINE… Sa ikauunlad ng bayan … Disiplina ang kailangan… When you talk about people… Please see the good and bad things what a person did .. Not all are bad … And most of them are GOOD! Inggit lang yan nagsulat nito.. Di sya naimbitahan sa party ng Malacanang o mga Marcoses. SUMUNOD KA NA LANG… Kung may magandang ginawa ang dating leader ng bansa natin ituloy ang programa… Yung hindi magandang ginawa .. Ibasura… Eh kung ganyan lagi ang isip natin… Siraan… Walang mangyayari sa bansa natin… CORRUPTION WILL ALWAYS BE THERE. MAKUKULONG LAHAT NG PRESIDENTE NATIN!!!

      1. You should visualized the future of your kids, kung titignan mu ung ginawa ni marcos, wla kang masasabi.. kung ayaw mu iboto si marcos edi wag mung iboto… masasama k lng sa problema ng pilipinas pag ang binoto mu ang ang mnalo… tandaan mu isa k sa mga taong nagluklok sa politikong buwaya kagaya mu, only want to do is rest and eat….in this time we need a solution not an idiot opinion,

    2. No wonder the Philippines has been left behind . Check on the progresses of the other countries in South East ASIA Nahuhuli na tayo because of people like you.. Grow up . Bongbong Marcos might be the only chance the Philippines has .Bongbong has the knowledge and the genes. If the old Marcos was not sick imagine all the projects he had envisioned for the Philippines would had made us the Singapore of Asia if you get my drift….
      Ill gotten wealth…..Do your research the Philippines did not have that money… However the treasure left in the Philippines was where the ill gotten wealth came from not from the Phillipines but from ….

      1. even now what you’ve said were still happening and even more worst… when in fact its not martial law so where’s the comparison…. di ba wala namang pinagkaiba…

    3. There’s no ill gotten wealth ang Marcos dahil iyan ang sabi ng mga power hungry politician na wala namang ginawa noong sila ang nagwagi. Puro kayo satsat dahil mga tuta kayo ng dilawan. Tangina ninyo.

      1. Yep, knowledge is better than tsismis. He contributed a lot to this country at the expense of killing 10,000 Filipinos and torturing thooousands more. Yes, knowledge is best. 🙂

  1. I personally call this marcos loyalist “zombie generation” based on the theory that they were fed up with lies and deceiving innuendos about the marcos and the martial law regime. “Brain washing” is the appropriate word.

    Ang who could be behind all these filthy misinformation drive? The patriarch and now the pillar of the marcos clan, non other than Imeldific.

    But they are running out of time. Imeldific could be 6 feet under before 2022. This is the beggining of the end for bongbong’s political career.

    1. if you have problem with the marcoses just bring it to the court and not here in the net, emagine it was 986 cases filed by the republic of the phil. and some individual and in united states against marcoses but it was all acquited because they have strong evidence to defend all accusation and ferdinand marcos was a trillioner before he run for president because of his metric tones of gold share from tallano clan

  2. for those who have not a witness to the good things that the young marcoses of course you would see evil but for us including the six million voters of the solid north we can humbly say that they have contributed a lot in the fast growing of economy for the northern luzon people as you can see ilocos tourism industry is sparkling and all that is of course thru the effort of the young marcosesor

  3. Kung pinanganak kna noong pnahaon nila… alam n alam mo na muna ang bilihin at mataas ang halaga ng peso.. wla pa rin makakapantay kay marcos… khit mgsama sama pa ang mga ngdaang presidente pati n ang ksalukuyan.. un lang un…

      1. ilang taon ka na? alam mo ba ang pinagsasabi mo o base lang sa kinwento sau ng mga nakatatanda sayo? mag research ka pag may time at wag magbigay ng opinion dahil yan ang sinabi sayo. walang ibang pinakamagaling ng pangulo ang bansa natin kundi si marcos lang. kumpara mo sa ginawa ng pamilyang aquino-cojuangco sa pilipinas, manliliit ang mga bintang mo. lolo ni noynoy, makapili, tatay nya komunista. yan ang totoo. sila ang nagpagulo at nagpabagsak ng bansa natin. magsaliksik ka.

    1. Kung ipinanganak ka sa panahon nila Quezon, Roxas, Quirino, at Magsaysay, alam na alam mo rin na mas mura ang bilihin at mas mataas ang halaga ng peso kesa sa panahon ni Marcos. Tawag jan, inflation. Mabilis na bumaba ang peso nung Martial Law hanggang sa naging 20 pesos to 1 dollar nalang siya nung pagkatapos ng Martial Law. Pagsama-samahin mo ang mga presidente bago maupo si Marcos, walang sinabi si Marcos. Sinayang lang niya ang naumpisahan at na-maintain na performance ng mga presidenteng nauna sa kanya.

      1. Tumpak na tumpak Cherry. Bakit andami pa rin in your midst na mga bulag at nililinlang ang mga sarili. Hoy, mga loyalists, GISING! BIG NO TO ANOTHER MARCOS! BIG NO TO HERO’S BURIAL IN LIBINGAN! BIG YES TO RETURNING ALL THE ILL GOTTEN WEALTH! Just imagining the marcoses making a comeback make the martial law generation throw up.

    1. Well, then you can burn in hell together, (or maybe you do not believe in that since you have absolutely no conscience) so maybe karma? Then you will probably be the lowest creature in the living world. But as somebody said of the Marcoses once “mga walang kaluluwa!”, true, otherwise how could they have lived as they lived while majority suffered in poverty, stolen as they stole, know how the country got indebted because of their (and their cronies) malversation of public funds, and have no remorse of conscience at all?

      1. If that’s the case, every president who came after Marcos should also burn in hell, since all of them in one way or another have been guilty of all transgressions that Marcos is being singled out of. It’s been 30 years since the Marcoses left Malacanang. You talk as if no one except for him had done anything wrong against the Philippine government and its people.

      2. The ones that came after him were not as bad. And, besides they didn’t legalize their corruption, kidnappings, theft and killings as Marcos did. There’s a big difference.

      3. Not as bad as Marcos, anywhereiwander? Do you know even know what’s been happening to the Philippines? The UN is calling the Philippines out for corruption. It’s slowly being erased from the map because of his successors who’ve been selling Philippine lands and territories to foreigners. Not as bad?

  4. “Anger isn’t just learned….an evolutionary response”…..I never hate politicians, ONLY THE BAD ONE l hate. I’m not ‘Anti or Pro Marcos or any body else running to lead My Beloved Philippines. Probably, l wish l am wrong….most of them……they came like ‘MESIAH’ to save the Philippines from ‘NUCLEAR EXPLOSION’…..but they’re intoxicated in having__ _ _, NOT to their wife. GOD as we have said: should have more self control. We human being should be like ‘BMW’ reliable – everything in life will be reliable…MOST OF THIS POLITICIANS….’turn politics into CRIME.
    Question: You know something l don’t know? If you know something truth and logical, tell us

  5. return 1st the trillions after the marcoses, nakita nyo billions nya na halos kakarampot ng tunay na ari arian ng mga marcos, go to vatican then ask them kung kailan nagdonate si apo ng gold bullions hrap nyong umintindi bago pa yun maging pres sya ng pinas, and the popes knows that, tapos sasabhin nyo nagurakot cla yung nging utang ng pinas mas malaki pa ang value ng idinonate nyang gold, kayo anong tawag nyo dun sa naging utang ng bansa natin trillion trillion na wala namang naipagawa kahit ano sa panahon ni cory ramos estrada arroyo at ng junior nyo ……ano ipinamahagi sa mamamayan kung d pa ibbnta ang mga public prop. ng pilipinas d magpapakita na may konting gnwa kc yung kabuuan ibubulsa na rin…….tapos dami pang patayan rapist holdaper adik at pulpulitikong kurakot,,,,,,,batas na alang kwenta…….ewan ko kung anong utak meron ang karamihan sating bansa…….and the best experience ng tym ni apo,,,,,,,binabagyo ang batangas pero kasama ko papa ko pinahahakot kami ng bigas sa nfa para idistribute sa mga mamamayan may kasama pang delata order daW YUN MULA SA TAAS,,,,,,,kahit basang basa kami non ang saya at d lang ilang beses nagyari everytym na may d magandang pangyayari MAY PADALA AGAD ANG GOBYERNO NGAYON DUMATING ANG YOLANDA ANONG NANGYARI ILANG ARAW NG GUTOM MGA TAGA TACLOBAN ALA PA RING DUMADATING NA TULONG MAY DUMATING NAMAN KAYA LANG YUNG PERA IBUNULSA NA D NA GALING SA GOBYERNO DONATE NA NG IBANG BANSA IBINULSA PA,,,,,,,D NA TANGA MGA TAO NGAYON D NYO NA KAYANG BULAGIN PA BASTA BASTA BABALIGTARIN NYO PA KAYO NON BATA PA LANG IMINUMULAT NYO NA MASAMA C APO NGAYON BATA PA LANG MAY MAS SMART PA SA INYO SAYANG PANAY PA NAMAN ENGLISH NYO……..

    1. sa lahat nang pilipino……. ang dami ninyo napuna sa marcos years, hanggang ngayon nagpatali pa rin sa galit. sana po isipin ninyo na after the ouster of marcos what happen???…… ito ang isipin niyo. ipagpalagay natin na magnanakaw si marcos, at least isa lang ang magnanakaw,,,, ngayon hindi mo na alam kung sino, kasi lahat na magnanakaw… at isa pa tandaan niyo yong nasa posistion ngayon na yumaman nakunulong ni marcos yan dahil bistado na ang kilos nila noon, . ang pinoy mas importante ang masamang nagawa nang tao kaysa pag usapan ang maganda ugali nga …..pati mga text book nang mga bata sa eskwelahan, masama pa rin si marcos…… sa akin lang lets move on, kung gusto niyo nang pagbabago sa goberno… dapat unahin natin ang sarili natin sa pagbago kung ano ang maitulong natin sa goberno hindi kabaliktaran….. isip isip pinoy

      1. Ayyy bugok…yun nga ang bottom line doon. Sa termino ni Fidel Ramos nakabalik ang pamilya Marcos mula sa Hawaii ganon lang parang walang nangyari. At ilan sa kanila ngayon ay nasa gobyerno at nakaupo sa mataas na pwesto. Si Imelda Marcos nag declare ng SALN sa halagang 922 Million pesos at sinasabing sya raw ay dukha at si Bongbong nag declare ng SALN 437 Million pesos take note the numbers. Nakapanayam ng News 5 si Bongbong at tinanong kung paano nila nakuha ang ganong halaga ng yaman. Hindi pa kasama dyan ang yaman ni Imee Marcos at Irene Marcos. Ano ang sagot ni Bongbong? Hindi raw n’ya alam ang straheyang ginamit ng kanilang abogado tungkol dyan at abogado na lamang daw ang makaka pag paliwanag.
        Yan ang nagiging ehemplo at dahilan na kung bakit nagkakaroon ng malaking interest ang mga politicong may makasariling ambisyon na tumakbo sa mataas na katungkulan dahil pag katapos ng termino hindi lang milyonaryo BILYONARYO. Naliligo sa Pera. Yan ang ugaling pamana ng Marcos sa mga politicong Pilipino.Tumakbo sa politica para yumaman total maraming namang makukuhang magagaling na abogago para magtanggol sayo sampalan mo lang ng pera at marami pa ring maawain at gunggung na pilipino.
        Imagine, mag mula kay Presidente Manuel L. Quezon hanggang sa Presidente Macapagal na sinundan ni Marcos ganyan ba ang naging kanilang pera at yaman pagkatapos ng kanilang termino ? HINDI !!! KAY MARCOS LANG NAGSIMULA ANG LAHAT. MALIWANAG PA SA SIKAT NG ARAW.

  6. Actually we were all binded for what they’ve done to our country and the rest. Masyado tayong utak talangka at napakadaling Maniwala… Hanggang ngyon tinatamasa pa natin at pinagkakakitaan at pinakikinabangan ang halos lahat ng mga proyekto nilang mag asawa

    1. Actually, a lot of people are blinded by those material projects of which, the sole purpose is to blind those vulnerable people. Let us put it this way: if someone told you that for every project or building Marcos built, he killed 10 Filipinos as payment, would you still be comfortable using those facilities? Add to it the foreign debt that we will be paying because of said projects until 2025.

      1. I don’t know who’s being blind here. Marcos ruled for 20 years. Several presidents have ruled after him after almost 30 years. Those presidents did nothing but to hide behind the Marcoses all their inadequacies. Sinira at binalewala ang magagandang proyekto ng dating Pangulo na pinakinabangan ng sambayanan. 30 years, what do these succeeding presidents have to show for. Nasaan ang Pilipinas ngayon? Ilang taon na na isa sa nangunguna sa corruption? Sino ang bulag?

  7. Mas maiintindihan ito kung sinulat sa Tagalog o sa lengwahe na mauunawaan ng mga tao. Ilapit ang katotohanan ng Martial Law sa mga tao lalong lalo na sa kabataan ngayon. Maiintindihan kung bakit ang taga Norte ay “Marcos pa rin” dahil sila ang higit na nakinabang kay Marcos,


    sa mga yaman nila, marami ang REGALO tlaga ng mga ibang bansa sa kanila
    mga abusadong tao lang kasi ang nanira noong administrasyon nya

    ‘yong naninira sa knya mlamang walang mlasakit sa bnsa

    Marcos pa din.

  9. this blog is mind-polluting. very subjective and…whatever.

    wala kang malasakit sa pinas. anong hangarin mo sa blog mong yan?

    i’m not from a broken family. and i will be voting for marcos.

    sana alamin natin ang totoo.

    mag-isip-isip po tayong mabuti.
    my parents are voting for marcos. the teachers here are voting for marcoses.

    minsan may batang nagsabi sa ‘kin, “marcos? di ba ‘yon yong mga panahong kawawa ung mga tao?” (obviously, ung batang ‘yon sabihin na nating kulang pa sa kaalaman.) sumagot ako na mga tao nya ang sumira sa knya noon at nang-abuso.

    minsan may nbasa din ako about the nuclear power plant, noon nasabi ni marcos “alagaan nyo yan na mapagana. if not, 20 years from now magkakaroon ng shortage…” (not the exact words but something like that). sa nkikita ko, ung shortage sa kuryente, nangyayari na nga.

    ayon din sa values ed instructor namin noon na isang historian, marami tlga sa mga yaman ng marcos ay regalo talaga sa kanila ng mga ibang bansa na napapasyalan nila. kung mag-iikot ka sa mga museums katulad ng sa brunei darussalam, nakasaad daw doon na niregaluhan ang mga marcos. natanong ko tuloy, sa talino ni marcos bakit di nya naipagtanggol o nadepensahan ang reputasyon nila. sagot ng instructor, “it’s because the americans interfered.” masyadong namanipula ng media noon ang mga tao.

    hindi rin totoong marcos ang nagpapatay kay aquino. it’s the cojuangcos daw. may kinalaman sa kayamanan ng angkan ni cory na asawa ni aquino. sabi ng father ko, parang ginawang sacrificial lamb daw ng liberal party noon si aquino. sabi ng instructor ko, magkaibigan daw tlga noon si marcos at aquino. isang dhilan kaya marami ring projects o pinatayong ospital noon si marcos because of aquino’s illnesses.

    my mother told me, “no’ng panahon ni marcos, maraming highways ang napasemento. kung mag-i-speech yan, kahit pag bumibisita sa ibang bansa, english at impromptu. wlang script. matalino sya. angat ang pilipinas noon kumpara sa mga karatig bansa. ano ngayon? napag-iwanan na tayo” (wala nman daw talaga masyado nagawa noon si cory, dagdag pa ng mama ko)

    si pnoy ba? na demolition job ang ginawa kay binay. at natunugan si bongbong kaya si marcos naman ngayon ang sinisiraan. sa lahat ng isyung pinagdaanan ng bansa, hindi pa ba napakaobvious na napakaincompetent ni pnoy. at ano kayang pwedeng mapala natin kay roxas? kawawa ang pinas.

    marami dito ang may gusto kay marcos. nakakalungkot lang kapag majority ay magpapaka-bobotante.

    si marcos, masasabing alam nya ang legacy ng tatay nya…(sabi nga ng father ko, sayang at hindi pagkapangulo ang tinakbuhan. pero sa ‘kin, ok na rin un -sa vp.)

    marcos pa din!

    1. yup…marcos had done good for this country compared to all the presidents that came after him… but it doesn’t change the fact that he and his cronies had stolen from our country…martial law was a nightmare and should not happen again…no human rights exercised…brutal killings…anytime, anywhere, anyhow…karapatan natin pumili kng sino kandidato piliin natin..kahit sa local elections pa.. ang hirap lng natin ay pinipili natin yung mkapagbigay ng pabor sa atin at hindi sa karamihan o sa lahat…hindi naman kasi dapat ginagawa yan ng mga mananalo…their prime responsibility is to serve the people not just to the few who helped them in campaigning…sabi nga nila they are servants of the people…ang nangyayari pgkatapos ay baligtad dahil sa mga walang kwentang pabor na yan… dapat piliin natin yung karapatdapat sa posisyon…sana yung mga kandidato na sariling interest lng iniisip ay huwag na sana kumandidato pa…lalo lng nahihirapan ang bansa natin pg nanalo kayo…para naman mabawasan ang corruption sa ating bansa…yan pinakamalaking dahilan kaya mahirap bansa natin… kng yung mga pork barrel na ilang taon at ilang presidente na ang ngdaan kng ginastos yun sa pg gawa o pg invest ng mga government owned businesses ay maliit lng o posibleng mawala ang problema ng unemployment sa ating bansa….bilib ako sa talino ng ating mga politiko…sana gamitin nila ang ibingay na talino sa kanila sa pgsugpo ng mga pangunahing problema na ngpapahirap sa ating bansa…at hindi sa pgnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan….SANA MATUTO NA TAYO…SABI NGA NILA EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER…HUWAG NYO SABIHIN NA MASAYA KAYO SA NA EXPERIECE NYO….GISING NA MGA KABABAYAN….PARA MASABI NATIN NG TOTOO NA WE ARE PROUD TO BE FILIPINOS.

    2. @ bluegic i think ikaw ang dapat umalam ng totoo. Kaw ang dapat magisip isip. Magbasabasa ka din ng reliable sources about the Marcos regime, and the Martial Law, para malaman mo na kahit magsalita kalang ng di pabor sa Marcoses ay pupulutin kana sa kangkungan. Yun ang pamamaraan nuon. Yes, totoong people were more disciplined nuon, not, because they opt to, dahil lang yun sa takot. You can vote the Marcoses up to their apo sa tuhod, why not? Probably nakinabang yung pamilya mo sa kinurakot nila. Or, you are probably an Ilocano.

    1. Sa akin lamang pananaw kahit sinong pinakamagaling na presidente mailuklok kng ang sambayanang pilipino ay alang cooperation at disiplina at suhol dito suhol doon dapat maalis ang corruption sa government agencies tiyak makakaasa tayong makakaangat ang ating bayan di ba…..

  10. I think most Marcos loyalist only highlight the good deeds he made early in his career. They don’t speak about the corruption that resulted in the fall of our economy. You only need to look at past records of our economy. Our country was rich when Marcos became president and became poor after he left. It was during his regime that inflation rate skyrocketed to more than 50%. Salaries stagnated and the development of our country stagnated. I hope people do their research before they believe what they read on facebook. Most of the data I mention can be found from international institutions such as worldbank and CIA fact books. These institutions aren’t controlled by our government and are totally impartial.

    1. The Philippines was rich? On what? 50% inflation rate invrease? Was it controlled by Marcos? Or was it worldwide? Which version of the Philippine History books have you read?

      1. Yes, we were once rich (2nd to Japan, in fact) in 1965. Marcos was able to maintain this during his ‘legal’ term, but it down-spiraled during the Martial Law, and we still haven’t been able to recover since.
        I hear from Koreans all the time, ” You know, the Philippines was a great country before and we admired you so much. What happened?” And I can only smile sadly.

    2. Oh, and speaking of corruption, maybe you should talk to those politicians during the Marcos regime. I believe some of them are still actively participating in today’s Philippine government.
      As far as I can remember, the Philippine government started plummeting face down when the Aquino government took over along with her cronies.

      1. @ Patty, the economy during the marcos regime was really icing on shit. All the Marcoses did was cover everything that didn’t look good to the foriegn media. All their partying and lavish lifestyle and injecting “cultural awareness’ to the Filipino peolple was a cover up. They even have to literally cover up the slums with high fences so it wouldn’t be seen by the foriegn media. The real thing happening to the Filipino people was shit and it was covered in fondant icing and gucci perfumes. The only fault that the Filipinos have is: We are too forgiving, and it is my hope that my fellowmen haven’t forgotten.

      2. Check mo economic records ng World Bank at IMF from 1965 to 1986. Yan walang halong political bias yan. Gamitin mo yung internet sa paghahanap ng unbiased information.

        Check mo kung magkano palitan ng USD sa PHP noong 1965 at 1986.
        Check mo kung magkano ang utang ng Plipinas noong 1965 at 1986.
        Check mo ang per capita income ng isang pamilya sa Pilipinas noong 1965 at 1986.

        Paki-post dito kung ano ano ang mga yun at saka mo sabihin kung nag improve nga ba ang ekonomiya ng bansa under sa pamumuno ni Marcos.

        Ikaw mismo ang tumingin ng info galing sa unbiased sites dahil malamang sa malamang kapag galing sa ibang tao hindi mo paniniwalaan.

  11. Just a short info.i may not know all my history of the world but I guess I know enough Marcos history .Edralin’s and Marcoses especially are just few of the rich people of philippines not even when i was enough that they could buy whatever they need and want.
    Now, dig into Aquino Coangco history of wealth? Did you bother? Their clan stole golds and wealth from other people. Their ancestors need to kill sultans to have this wealth.if I were you know your history enough…
    But for your ego…here is the catch!
    Marcos especially help Filipinos in many ways your little brain can imagine…what did the yellow people do? Nothing but change the names of the buildings and roads into their names and embrace the power into themselves.even you can’t walk straight infront of your house because of people like the yellow ones.theyll kill you dumbo!
    Think with your brains not what is only fed infront of you.think if you have the brains…if not that’s your problem…

    1. Sa mga nag sasabing buksan ang mga mata sa mga nagawang mali nga mga Marcos nung time ng martial law..try nyo din buksan ang mga mata nyo at mga kinakalawang na utak sa mga bagay na nagawa nila..mga bagay na hanggang ngayon pinapakinabangan parin ng buong bansa…nakuha nyo ngang makakitaan ng mabuti ang mga taong pinag lalaban nyo..intindihin nyo muna ang mga kinakalaban nyo, baka naman mabulaga ka nalang isang araw at masabi mong mali pala yung pinaglalaban mo.

    2. May point ka dyan. Dumami nga ang mga kriminal. After Marcos, mga masasamang tao na ang pumapatay sa mga law abiding citizens, noong panahon ni Marcos mga PC at Army ang gumagawa nun.

  12. Marcos pa rin kami
    He is my great President
    The best President that i am PROUD . Amen.
    Mabuhay ang great and the best President Marcos .
    My ideal President.

  13. mula ng pinabababa si marcos nuong 1986 may nagawa na ba ang mga pumalit na pinuno ng bansa natin ng nagawa ni marcos, ang pagkakaalam ko puro paninisi ang tanging nagawa nila, lahat ng mga negatibong nangyayari sa pilipinas sa mga marcos pa rin isinisisi eh matagal ng wala sa pwesto ang mga marcos, sa mga umaayaw sa mga maracos karapatan nyo yan, pero naisip nyo na ba na gumagamit kayo ng mga produktong gawa ni marcos, dumadaan ba kayo sa NLEX kung taga-norte ka ngayon sabihin mo walang nagawa si marcos at kung taga-south ka naman cguro ginagamit mo ang SLEX, isisisi mo rin yan kay marcos kasi napabilis ang pagpunta mo sa manila, at pupunta ka nga kabisayaan wag mong gamitin ang san juanico bridge kasi wala kang utang na loob kung isisi mo kay marcos na napaiksi nito ang biyahe mo pauwi ng bisaya. kung gusto mo nmn ng mabilis at komportableng biyahe isisi mo rin kay marcos kasi pinagawa nya ang LRT, isisi mo rin kay marcos na binigyan nya ang mga kabataang pilipino ng farm ng mga wild animals sa pamamagitan ng Calauit Safari Park upang magkaroon ng kaalaman ang mga pilipino sa wild animals at maging pasyalan na rin ito na hindi kailangan pang mag-punta sa africa, at ito isisi mo rin kay marcos na sana hindi nagmahal ang bayad ng mga pilipino sa kuryente kung napaandar ang Bataan Nuclear Plant na ipinaki-usap ni marcos sa nanay ni pnoy na paganahin upang makatulong na mapagaan ang bayarin sa kuryente ng masang pilipino na hindi ginawa ng nanay ni pnoy kasi daw maalala ng mga tao si marcos, sisihin mo na rin ang mga taga leyte kasi pinagawaan sila ni marcos ng geothermal plant kaya nung magkaroon ng yolanda hindi dumating ang tulong sa tacloban kasi sabi ni roxas “romualdes ka aquino ang nakaupo”. sana hindi itong si roxas ang gusto mong maupo kung hindi maninisisi ka na nmn. hindi lang puro negatibo ang i-blog mo mag-post ka din ng mga nagawa ni marcos …..

  14. Thank you for this post, Caroline. Don’t worry about the illiterate responses. They prove only too well how Marcos destroyed this country’s educational system, hence providing an endless source of unthinking supporters for himself and his descendants. So in fact we can probably credit old Ferdinand with an astonishing degree of (self-serving) foresight.

    1. You are right, of course, the pro Marcos trolls are all gathering here! But the sane voices win through. I could trash their comments but I think it’s only fair that they have their say. Only if they become abusive will I delete them. I am glad this blogsite has turned out to be something of a forum.

      1. You’re anti-Marcoses trolls too. Everyone has his/her “crazy” side though. Sometimes, it’s also dangerous to be too sane. Take care.
        However, i find “fair” as something that’s non-existent.

    2. Good article galing ng pagkakasulat. Pero alam niyo ba kung sinong sumulat ito? Sino nga ba talaga itong si Alfredo Lim? IT’S NOT the COMPARISON kundi CONTRIBUTION o NAGAWA NG UMUPONG MGA PANGULO. Ito pag isipan natin. Sino ba talaga ang mga galit? Ang mahihirap kahit mawalan ng pera ay hindi apektado dahil dati nang mahirap. ang APEKTADO AT GALIT TALAGA AY ANG MGA MAYAYAMAN AT MAY NEGOSYO dahil gusto nila sila lang ang mayayaman, BAKIT HANGGANG HANGGANG NGAYON HINDI PA NAIPAPAKULONG ANG MGA MARCOSES KUNG TALAGANG NAGNAKAW SILA?.

    1. Yes, they are not.
      However, by law, an accomplice is “a person who knowingly, voluntarily, or intentionally gives assistance to another in (or in some cases fails to prevent another from) the commission of a crime. An accomplice is criminally liable to the same extent as the principal.”

  15. “Behind every succesful man there is a woman”. Without Imelda intervention, Philippines would’ve been in great shape until now!

    Before she visit our province we live in an upscale lives. months after, government took control of our national product plummented our local economy and lives. we’ve been icon as the province where money being shoveled and pickaxed, after then it’s “Ang Batang Negros”.

    No doubt Marcos is one of the great leaders of the Philippines. As far as my knowledge, Martial law was not FEM idea it was dictated by his advisors and one of them is his woman.

  16. This was the “MARCOS WEALTH” that some POLITICIAN and CHURCHMEN kept on saying was the:
    ” ILL – GOTTEN ” Marcos Wealth..

    Brief History

    From 1866 to 1898 , Prince Julian Macleod Tallano, who became titleholder of OCT 01-4 in 1864 – ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE OF TITLE 01-4 PROTOCOL ,The number 01 refers to the ONE NATION, known in pre – Hispanic times as MAHARLIKA. The number 4 refers to the original four regions og this nation:(1) Luzon (2) Visayas (3) Mindanao (4) Palawan , has been frequenting the Vatican.
    In 1934, under Pope PiusXII , the Vatican negotiated with the member of the Filipino Royal Family, the Christian Tallano clan in Maharlika. An agreement was reached that 640,000 metric tons of the Tallano gold would be LENT to the Pope. This was part of that gold accumulated by the Southeast Asian Srivijayan/Madjapahit Empire during its glorious reign of 900 years.
    In 1939, two members of the Tallano family and Roman Catholic Priest , Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz brought the gold from Kota Kinabalu , Sabah to the Vatican.
    After doing this, Fr Diaz went back to the Maharlika and resided in Cabanatuan City.
    After World War II , he facilitated the safe return of the 640,000 metric tons of GOLD from the Vatican tovthe Maharlika .Manuel Acuna Roxas( relative of the Acuna/ Tagean/ Tallano clan), then a congressman, and Bishop Enrique Sobrepena Sr, in the presence of Atty. Lorenzo Tanada, RECEIVED the gold in Manila.
    There is good reason to believe, even from further along in this account , that the young attorney FERDINAND E. MARCOS was involved in the return of the GOLD. Certainly by all accounts we have seen jt was Ferdinand Marcos and Diaz who shared in the enormous 30% commission- that is 192,000 TONS of Gold worth around $4 TRILLION today(2006) – for handling this transaction.

    1. I love this. May i share it, pretty please?

      We can parse and ueber-analyse until we exhaust all available oxygen – but the truth can be helped to come to light to open useless (not blinded!) eyes. Of course, always assuming that there’s a resident in there, behind ’em eyes!

      Thank you so much for this, Levis.

    2. This is true indeed. I have the documents to vouch about the Tallano clan, its wealth, and the gold that was brought to Vatican. Such was really borrowed but when time to have it returned, there was difficulty in having it back. It was the bright Atty Ferdinand Marcos who used his ability to recover the tons of gold, of course he had a good share of the gold as his fee. Actually, Marcos was already reach, very rich before he became the President. He had his money and gold together with the wealth in trust to him by the Tallano clan deposited in a number of banks around the world. In the documents these spell out that when these deposits will be brought into the country, the trustee will get 20% of it, the banker will get some, and the Philippines and Filipino people will get a fair share of the wealth. We are supposed the richest country in the whole world, makapasok lang mga ito. These could not be brought in because, sa pakikiaalam ng gobierno, mga donation nga lang para sa nasalanta ng bagyo, kinukurakot pa. Kaya tulog ang kayamanan sa labas ng bansa, di napapakinabangan.

      I believe FEM did his best. Wala pa ako nakitang Presidente pagkatapos nya na nakahigit sa mga ginawa nya, pagsamasamahin mo pa silang lahat. Yang martial law na yan, ang mga law-abiding citizens, di prinoblema ang martial law. Kung may gawa ka na di mabuti, masagasahan ka nyan. Malaki na rin ako when Marcos was first elected as President. and comparing life then and now, much better pa rin during his reign as the President. Compare the debt of the Philippines during his time with a short period of any of the Presidents after him, and even combining them all. Lalo na ngayong present administration, wow, trillions of dollars, much much more, mga utang ng Pilipinas!

    3. You are right, I am keeping some documents related to these Tallano clan, tons of gold, FEM instrumental in bringing back the gold from Vatican and his share as his fee. FEM was rich even before he became the President.

      1. Let’s see them. I am sure the Philippine government and the financial authorities in Switzerland would like to see them. And I wonder why only you have access to these documents.

  17. This article has not really addressed the real issues with BBM – his achievements and reputation and his flaws, rather it focused more on his family background. Besides that, half the article seems to make crazy assumptions on the neo-loyalist themselves… I am not a voter and hate Philippine politics & politicians, especially those in the government. I picked up nothing reading this article and found it a waste of time…

  18. If Marcos was a good President Philippines had been like Singapore already. He had been in power for so many years and still the Philippines did not catch up with its Asian neighbors. There is no more hope for the Philippines especially the only hope decided not to run (Duterte). I felt sad about my former country, The Philippines because I am now in Canada for more than 20 years and have travelled to the Philippines every year when I was still younger and found that there was no changes to my former mother country. Only a MIRACLE can make changes to the Philippines.

  19. Your write up about Bongbong is non sense. Ano ba ang objective ng isinulat mo? You just posted his picture and your title – wala naman connection sa write up mo.

    The issue here is “discrimination ” – you mean Kung ano man ang ginagawa ng Tatay mo ganun din ang pagkatao ng mga Anak nia? Which I totally disagree. So ‘ yung mga May Tatay na walang pinag-aralan, walang trabaho, mga manginginom LNG ganun Na rin ang mga Anak?

    I am sorry, I disagree to anyone who use the concept of stereotyping.

    1. I agree that he should not be judged through his father. He should be judged through his own words and actions.
      However, by law:
      “An accomplice is a person who knowingly, voluntarily, or intentionally gives assistance to another in (or in some cases fails to prevent another from) the commission of a crime. An accomplice is criminally liable to the same extent as the principal.”
      Bongbong has repeatedly denied the crimes of his father’s regime. In fact, he doesn’t feel any remorse for the 10,000 people who were murdered and the thousands more who were tortured. He thinks that what his father did is right. That is the relevance of it for me, and that is why I am not voting for him.

  20. mga kaibigan simple lang po ang buhay natin siguro po kahit sino ilagay natin at manalo salamat kasi tayo rin mga Filipino ang may kasalan amin man natin o hindi parte tayo ng mga nangyayari sa atin. salamat po sa ating mga Filipino wag po kayong magagalit

  21. I would like to suggest to Andrew Lim to do more research before writing and article. As i’ve known all the marcoses deposits in Swiss Bank and other (allegedly) ill-gotten wealth were already returned to the Philippine Government af Marcos but not a single cent was returned to the Filipino People. The news is all the wealth sqequestered from the Marcoses and returned by Swiss Bank were deposited to the account of a certain Family who is in power after Marcos. Kay Andrew Lim, matuto kang magsulat hindi manira ng tao. At yung mga nagsasabing Marcos never again, mga tanga yan na nagpalinlang sa mga kunwaring dilaw na pamilya pero sa totoo lang eh pula naman ang paboritong kulay.

  22. Who’s the real plunderer?

    Marcos’ annual budget averaged only 25-something billion pesos for 21 years, I remember researching and reporting in my high school class that figure in the late 70s. from about P15 Billion in the 60s to about P40 Billion in the 70s.

    -He built the most airports, ports, the extended PNR railways, LRT (charged P1.00 for any distance!), the first aircon buses were gov’t-owned, superhighways (NLEX and SLEX charged a few cents toll fee per kilometer), overpasses, interchanges, bridges including the famed San Juanico Bridge, farm-to-market roads, RORO nautical highway (Kids, it was not Gloria who invented it but Marcos). we had a progressive Car Manufacturing Program (PCMP) and a PTMP for trucks, hey, I’m just talking transportation here and I’m not done yet, Ah, yes, I almost forgot, gov’t still owned Phil. Airlines, the double-decker bus and the MMTC taxi cabs. Almost everything in transportation was subsidized by gov’t and everything was WORKING! The commuters benefited from cheap fares, the ease of moving farm produce, commerce and industries blossomed due to an an efficient transport system.

    Today,PNR has very limited travels and is presently not usable because of missing rails. LRT, old but still very efficient unlike the “newer” MRT which conks out almost thrice a week in recent months. And how much do they charge for maximum distance? P25?. P30? P40? I don’t know, I wouldn’t dare get in the queue of 300 plus people everyday and feel wasted even before you start office work. PAL was sold by Cory to her nephew Tonyboy got rid of all the MMTC buses and taxis. renamed the airport after her husband and now under her son, became the worlds worst airport can you beat that? Do I need to expound on traffic? No?

    -Gov’t owned almost all the utilities. Nawasa supplied potable water to the whole Metro on the cheap. Average families pay around P5-10 a month in the 70s. My aunt had a medium-sized swimming pool and she had to pay about P80 a month for her water bills. Energy was produced and transferred by gov’t through Napocor and distributed locally by private companies like Meralco in Manila and the coops in the provinces. Marcos had foreseen an upcoming shortage in the mid-80s but by then we have just survived the 70s oil crunch so gov’t decided to build a Nuclear Power Plant. Cory and her gang discredited it using leftists propaganda peddled by the likes of Perlas and the red commies she mothballed it. Great! Before her term ended, we were back to the Dark Ages, literally. 12-hour daily rotating brownouts plagued the country, factories began to move out of the country. After all, which industrialist would allow his business operate in a country that had no Energy Department. Onlyindapilipins! Gasoline was about P7 per liter in the pumps after the energy crisis of the 70s. When Cory left it was around P21.

    Gloria privatized MWSS after it incurred a huge debt due to mismanagement. Of course, she put her dummies like Pichay in there, you expect it to make revenue? How much does the average family now pay for low-pressure (nowadays, zero pressure) water? Without benefit of payment, Meralco was handed back to the Lopezes by Cory without any payment despite being previously bought by gov’t by assuming its debts. That was a hard kick to the balls, suckers. Now everybody is complaining about the most expensive cost of energy in Asia. Cory shut down the BNPP because she said the deal was attended by corruption. Assuming she was correct, she didn’t have the, er, balls to junk the debt and tell the Americans, hey, you bribed Marcos and Disini, we’re not paying a centavo but instead, she committed to paying the debt for a plant she wouldn’t produce a single Watt of electricity from. We paid it all until 2011. Nice, no?

    -Let’s talk about health services. Marcos built the Heart Center – the first in Asia, the Kidney Center, another first, our Research was top-notch, RITM was considered the most advanced facility with the best MedTech and doctors, PGH was world-class and aside from difficult meds they did not carry in stock, everything was free. Ditto the Nat’l Orthopedic Hospital. All the gov’t maternity hospitals were huge and can accommodate all pregnant patients unlike today when hospitals like Fabella had to squeeze 2 patients to the same frickin bed sans cushion nor bedsheets.

    Last I heard, Noynoy was planning to privatize some of these hospitals. Hmmm, and do a Binay? City Hall pays whatever Makati Med bills his constituents, never mind if it’s way overpriced. Binay probably collects the difference.

    Damn, this is getting too long. It’s 3AM and the yellowtards would not probably read this, or accept the truth even if it stared them in the eye.

    I’ll cut it here, hope hindi ako tamarin to continue tomorrow. This is the wicked truth, ladies and gentlemen. If you summed up all the national budgets of all presidents from Aguinaldo to Marcos then multiply the sum by 3, that is the budget of Cory in her mere 6 years. P1.3Trillion! What does she have to show for it? Can’t remember anything, no? Meron naman, 5 flyovers in EDSA.

    And how much is Noynoy spending next year alone? P3 fucking Billion pesosesosesoses.

    Now tell me who are the real thieves?

    1. I can see you are a fan of martial law, of the bombings, the kidnappings, the murders and you put your case very succinctly. But, sadly, it is not all exactly as you tell it. There are many who can argue against your pro-Marcos “manifesto” that might rip much of your arguments to shreds. But you are welcome to have your say. It is your right to believe what you want to believe and be allowed to state your case.

      1. Why should we not become angry? Why should we not hate? Why should we not rage? All the things that the Marcos regime did to our country deserves all that!
        His regime took down our once great nation into one of the poorest one in Asia which we are still trying to recover from. Does the Marcos family take responsibility for that?
        Pro Marcoses have pointed out all the things he has built but they refuse to see the bottom line. The country became poor under his rule. So poor that in 1983 we defaulted payments for the loans Marcos took out in the name of the country. Yan ba ang sinasabi nyong pinaunlad nya ang Pilipinas? Miski sinong mayor pwedeng magpagawa ng flyover/bridges/kalsada pero kung hindi ito nakatulong sa ekonomiya, ibig sabihin sablay ang proyektong ito.
        Napakalinaw na bottom line po, 2nd ang Pilipinas in economic power noong 1965. Halos kulelat na tayo noong 1985. Si Macoy at si Macoy lang ang nasa tuktok ng gobyerno nun.

        Kung talagang objective kayong mag-isip. Sige nga, kung ang performance ni Noynoy eh ang peso from 40 pesos per 1USD naging 200 pesos per 1USD at ang utang ng Pilipinas eh from 40 Billion USD naging 800 Billion USD, malamang pinagmumumura nyo na sya. Ganyan ang ginawa ni Marcos,
        from less than 4 PhP to 1USD naging 20+ PhP per 1USD at from less than 1 Billion USD na utang naging 20+ Billion USD ang utang natin.

        Yan ang bottom line. Yan ay hindi propaganda. Yang information na yan available sa World Bank at IMF sites na hindi hawak ng sinomang politikong pilipino. Magising kayo kung ano ang ipinagtatanggol nyo.

      2. Please remember we are a Christian Country. regarding Bongx2 Marcos performance being a public servants to our country today as Senator, I personally salute Him so with Miriam Defensor Santiago. Ang objective nila is for the good of our Country. Kong mayroon kayong nakitang pagkakamali sa ginagawa sa Father ni Bongx2 noon paman, wag naman ninyong idamay ang Anak . (In fairness para narin pinapatay nyo si Bongx2). Nakita natin na maganda naman ang record at ginagawa niya sa bayan, compared sa ibang mga Senator dyan. Ito nalang ang advice ko. Since we are Christian, and we believe God’s words. The best things we should do is to ask guidance from our LORD para nasa tamang decision ang ginagawa natin sa ating kapwa. para pag dating sa judgement day natin kay LORD ,hindi rin tayo niya huhusgahan nang ganon. Now the LORD said in EZEKIEL 18:19-20 Yet you ask, why does the son not share the guilt of his father? Since the son has done what is just and right and has been careful to keep all my decrees, he will surely live. The soul who sins is the one who will die. The son will not share the guilt of the father, nor will the father share the guilt of the son. The righteousness of the the wicked will be charged against him. And 2 KINGS 14:6 Yet he did not put his sons of the assassins to death, in accordance with what is written in the Book of the Law of Moses where the Lord commanded: “Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their fathers; each is to die for his own sins”. For me, Miriam/Marcos is the best tandem. God bless Philippines!!! Mabuhay…….

      3. i was talking to the blogger, because her writing was entitled “return the ill-gotten wealth first” but almost half of it are negative generalizations for those Marcos supporters. ang i-generalize ang mga sumusuporta at susuporta kay marcos ay parang narrow-mindedness na rin.
        at bakit 1965-1985 lang…eh ano nangyari sa mga sumunod na pangulo?
        ayaw siguro nating mai-judge. kung may pangit mang parte ng buhay mo, maraming tao ang tinutuldukan ka na lang – kung ano lang ang tingin sa ‘yo ‘yon at ‘yon na lang… gaano mo man ibuhos ang hangarin at kakayahan mo.

        how about this:

      4. All of critism against political aspirants are mere part of dirty politics. No candidates, elected or appointed government officials are perfect. Voters must be wised in selecting the future leaders of our country and head of locality. The future of our country is in your hand. VOTE WISELY…

    2. Let”s just focus on the crucial issue that had an enormous effect on our country – the Phil economy…. ……Ferdinand Marcos became President in 1965. The foreign debt was $500 million; the U.S. dollar’s exchange rate was 4:1……HE FLED 20 YEARS LATER AND THE FOREIGN DEBT WAS $26 bILLION, THE EXCHANGE RATE WAS 22:1….. BONGBONG SAYS QUOTE IF ELECTED PRESIDENT, I WILL CONTINUE THE LEGACY OF MY FATHER, END OF QUOTE.

    3. I totally agree. There are even more projects Marcos did not mentioned here. The balik bayan box project which many overseas Filipinos enjoy but Aquino wants to tax is a Marcos creation. And what do you think was the purpose of Ninoy Aquino when he came back from the US in 1983? Was it really because of his love for the Philippines and the Filipino people? I don’t think so. I believe he has his own personal agenda. He knows that Marcos was already ill and he was hoping to take that position. Then because he was killed, they are making him a hero!!! What other sacrifices he did for the country? They are making him like a Jose Rizal or an Andres Bonifacio? Masyadong malayo. They have to research first the life of Ninoy before he died. Then, decide if he is qualified to be a hero. Marcos is not perfect but he did a lot of good things for the Philippines.

  23. Hopefully I can discuss tomorrow the economy, agriculture, education, Land reform, where the sequestered money, jewelry, artworks went.

  24. lumabas ka ngayon, sa manila na lang walang kasiguraduhan ang buhay mo. parang buhay manok lang… sa dami ng mga taong walang takot sa batas

  25. These are just my personal observations…When we were kids, we could really appreciate the programs of the government…we lived as proud Filipinos with dignity…I would be excited to watch and listen to President Marcos when he would talk…We never knew of course what was happening inside the Palace and behind all the flares of ‘beauty around us’ ( we lived in the province). I remember one of the strategies of our parents to keep us from the streets when it was time was to tell us we would be kidnapped and damped into the San Juanico Bridge for sharks to feed on us…And we were scared; it was a nice ‘malawakang’ strategy we never get to knew how true it was just like how any chismis in town would spread. The author must have been proud to have helped a lot in keeping the children off the streets when it was already curfew time.
    We enjoyed more years under the Republika Ng Pilipinas…Then came the 1986 and the EDSA…My father was then in charged of the 9th MSP; his subordinates would tell us, he had to decide and make decision to defend the people, and to say no to a bloody event. I never knew about Ninoy because he was never mentioned by my parents nor any of my older relatives.
    In retrospect, I could see commonalities among the past, the had beens and the present. They are all fallen humans, corrupt and corruptible. The fact that Filipinos now are confused whom to vote, it’s because no one in the past after the Marcoses has proven himself/herself credible. However, i could see some contrasts. NOON, ang mga government projects became world class if not the firsts in our region, NGAYON halos lahat hindi natatapos as proposed, may danger zones pa. Nakakahiya…What beautifies our surroundings right now are mostly private buildings. Kung totoo ngang mga cronies of the Marcoses ang talagang masama, ilan ba sila? In the past years after the Marcoses, ilan ba sa mga naging presidente natin na sila mismo ang gumagawa o di kaya pamilya nila mismo. Parang naging trend na rin na once you become a president, you would soon after your term end up in the judgment seat if not impeached. And in recent years naging malawakan; pati yong saumpisa noble sana ang hangaring tumulong iwasto ang pamamaraan, ay nacorrupt na. Noon hindi natin nahalata dahil medyo pino pa siguro; in recent years, garapalan na. A General once talked on TV about corruption charges against him was so innocent that he was betraying his ignorance of what was right and expected of him!
    Marami nga sigurong namatay noon under the Marcos regime; pero I believe mas marami ang namatay in the recent years from the time of Cory Aquino thru massacres…the HL massacres( ilan ba talaga), the Magunidanao… Halos lahat unsolved pa rin ang kaso.

    I only knew some facts about Ninoy in the 2010 elections thru an investigative journalism report. And since then I am convinced, that what happened to Hacienda Luisita and all the events rooted from there really made a lot of impact on our nation’s history.

    And if I could remember how poised the Marcos ladies before when they appear in public; much more, and I could not really forget the video I saw how Kris appeared on a float waiving to the people while (campaigning ?) for his brother. I’m not sure if it was scripted that she would do it like she was touring around her kingdom..

    Lately, I noticed, the politicians don’t only make use of their PROs, they must probably have hired for them scriptwriters and directors…

    I could however say that President Noynoy gave his best, and at least with his sincere supporters made some great changes. One can not be so blind nor keep himself/herself naive if we are concerned about our nation. He is one leader who speaks Pilipino/Tagalog well and with conviction. Dito, talaga ako ya hanga sa kanya, and whoever is writing his thoughts, ideas and convictions; and helping him in his speeches. Mostly, i find him credible in what he says.

    Since he has tightened the belt on corruption, even charging all corrupt public officials in the past 10 years, he is leaving a legacy we could wish must be strengthened and practiced/observed/applied more in the next years…

    We are Christians, and we could see the fallen human race, and our leaders are not excepted; but by God’s grace, we can forgive. For me, the ground now is neutral for all who have proven themselves in the past terms (please take a look at the record of the young Marcos) and who have the competence of a good leader and a changed heart for righteous leadership and governance.

  26. There are bombings, kidnappings, murders, etc… even without martial law. Voting for marcos does not mean the Philippines will be under Martial Law again.
    Referring to Felicity’s comment above, I agree at some point except that I do not like Martial Law. I may say that I am a lover of peace and progress, and if the Philippines could do that without martial law but through God-fearing and law-fearing/abiding citizens then that would be great.

  27. Marcos was one of the best, presidents of the Philippines. Ang Pilipinas noong panahon ni Marcos ang pinaka tahimik, at progressive. Bakit? Meron bang naging presidente na hihigit pa sa na-accomplish ni Marcos para sa Pilipinas? Nagsimulang mabulok ang Pilipinas nung inagaw ng mga Aquino ang gobyerno sa mga Marcos. Hanggang ngayon, hindi na naka bawi ang economiya natin. Kung si Bong Bong ang chance para makita ko muli ang isang malakas at stable na economy, then ako ay MARCOS PARIN!

  28. Grabe nman mga comments dito about sa mga Marcos si Marcos lang nakikita nila na Masama samantalang di nila nakikita na halos ipamigay na ang bansang pilipinas sa china, Halos wala na ngang makitang Original Brand ng pilipinas kc pinalitan na ng Made in China..Kami d2 sa Middle East mga OFW puro na lang made in China ang Original Brand ng pilipinas ..Grabe tapos sasabihin c Marcos Masama d nila makita na ang Pilipinas ngaun hirap na hirap na mas lalo pang maghirap kung ang mga nsa position ngaun ay mananalo for sure ipamimigay na lang nila ang Bansang pilipinas sa mga chekwa mag isip isip nga kau d lang puro sisi sa taong nasa hukay na….

  29. Mas marami nga tayong makikitang nagawa si Marcos because he ruled the Philippines for 20 years, remember? Xa ang may pinakamahaba ang tenure among all the Philippine presidents. Ang magagandang nakikita nyo ba sa Pinas during the Marcos regime ay commensurate sa number of years he served as president? Nagtatanong lang po.

  30. You are only focusing on ur hatred and this is the result of ur indifference… try to hate the aquinos and u might do the same… i am also a Filipino like you living in the same land… u tend to pick on things u just want to know that satisfies ur self delusions… if you only knew what is within and beyond the senior Marcos’s mind… but u know nothing… why do u harbor so much hatred and seems so trigger happy sharing ur ‘verbal atrocities’… if u can not move on from ur hatred… leave it to ur heart and live unhappily thinking about it… that is if u chose not to know what’s the reality far beyond what you know…

  31. yung nagsulat nito bias. Move on and become open minded. Siguro ang naging isa sa malaking pagkakamali ni Pres. Marcos nagdeklara siya ng martial law , siguro that time di maiwasan kasi maraming rebelde na gustong gawin tyong communista. Wala na tyong magagawa kung nangurakot sila, kaya nga dirty politics. Pero hinde naman lahat kinurakot maraming naging proyekto si Pres Marcos na hanggang ngayon napapakinabangan at yung iba ay nasayang at di na pinagpatuloy nung nawala siya sa pwesto. Sa aking opinion.

  32. Hindi q man inabot c FEM pero nkikita ko ang kasiglahan at kaunlaran ng pilipnas sa kanyang pamumuno kumpara sa mga sumunod na presidente. Kung kayat napapaisip aq bkit iba at taliwas ito sa tinuro sa akin kung babasihan q ang mga itinuro ng paaralan, masasabi kong ganyan ba ang klasr ng taong kinamumuhian nyo, tao na na may pag mamahal sa bansa, tao na iniisip ang kaunlaran ng bansa, tao na inangat ang kalidad nating mga pilipino.. Your problem is not the marcos kundi mga pilipinong matigas ang ulo gaya mo at mga kapareha mo.. Saan na ang pinaglalaban nyo dati?ano na tayo ngayon ang kampi nyong c manong jhonny ano na? Kaya mag isip ka..

  33. amazing Marcos supporters…without him, the Philippines would have been the best. He was evil to the core. Evil, that Filipinos had not known yet. Your families are suffering because of him. Our psyche has become so dependent because of him. We have not grown at all, since he came into power. But at least, we have become kind to each other , those who aren’t there, because of our homesickness, caused by him. May the Lord guide your lost , angry souls.

  34. My older folks grew up with the Apo, yet my pop was detained for not coming home early (curfewed). His lesson. Every time I cross San juanico bridge it is with pride because of those historical events. Glad to have an Ilocano president before.

  35. These Pro-Marcoses keep on saying that the politicians after the Marcos era were no good and were worse. Do you actually know why? It’s all because of what Marcos started. Marcos started a system of corruption. He embedded corruption so deeply in the system of government. He made is so natural and so easy that the next generation of leaders were either pressured and lured to the same system. Some questions for these Pro-Marcoses: Did the “progress” you were talking about have to go along with the brutal killing of thousands of your fellow Filipinos (some were even innocent minors who could have been your own son or sister)? What did the high value of peso mean when millions of Filipinos back then were eating from garbages? If the Marcoses are sincere enough and if Bongbong has nothing to do with his father’s fault, why don’t they just give back to the poor Filipinos their ill-gotten wealth? Imagine how much children this money would save, how much families would finally be able to eat, how much crimes due to poverty could have been prevented. Or do you still want to be delusional and believe that there’s no ill-gotten wealth at all? It was probably true that the Philippine economy was better back then but it was because Marcos entered the politics at the most perfect time when our country was being recognized worlwide and was richly blessed in so many aspects. Don’t ever think it was Marcos’ own doing.
    My last request for these Pro-Marcoses: Try reading some of these stories that need to be told and put yourself/your most treasured family member in the shoes of these people and ask yourself again if indeed, God was pleased with how Marcos ruled the land and if it’s just right for another Marcos to continue that so called “legacy”:…/106827-martial-law-stories-hear
    Marcos didn’t just start a system of corruption. He started a system of evil. It took just one person and one family to make this systemized evil possible.

  36. We should get rid of our hatred and connect to what is going on today. Whoever wins for the Presidency, the winner should continue the good project and ceased projects that are questionable. We need a president that have vision, common sense, and can work with incumbent oppositions, instead of the the blame- game, envious, and just there to currupt. Aquino, both the mother and this asshole, did all that and put the country into a quagmire.

    1. Everyone is welcome to his/her voice on this forum. However, I do not like bad language. I will let this comment stand this time. But if you use bad language as a lazy way of expressing your views another time, I will mark it as Trash.

  37. Hello, I will be 50 this year and is not actually a witness to the atrocities of the Marcos regime. I was the youngest though and by 4 other siblings have shared some. My mom, born in 1926 but died in 2007 have shared some revealing information. Re: Nalundasan case, Marcos was acquitted by the testimony of a co bar reviewer if I am not mistaken it was then BOT (Board of Transportation) Secretary Leopoldo Abellera whom my mom visited at his deathbed since the wife is her good friend.

    My take on the issue is that it would appear that the solid north is still a hardline loyalist for their Apo and his children/relatives. I understand their inclination. Every Ilocano family I know have either a relative in the government and a relative abroad (mostly in the US) and in many instances, a relative in the Military. It still is a big factor presently to be able to speak the Ilocano dialect when dealing with the government, either in offices or in hospitals as you can be assured of swifter transactions and discounts. FVRs presidency perpetuated it. Gloria and Pnoy placed their own kababayans and friends in Power but the truth is, the government is still in hands of the North.

    This is not to make an issue of out of regionalism but merely my observation. What makes this country even poorer is the distribution of power and wealth. The business tycoons already owns most of the country’s urban areas while politicians stock pile undeveloped properties of their own in rural areas as an investment.

    I have predicted after Cory’s death, with the Marcoses visit to her wake, that BBM will soon rise to the presidency as more and more younger generations have less capacity to comprehend the past. The lure of the supposed “golden days” of economic stability under PM is an alluring one but I do believe we are already way past recovery in the next 100 years.

    1. Thanks for your views, Ver. I hope your predictions are wrong but I can see why you made them. Bong Bong refuses to address the “sins of his father”. It is very easy way out to gloss over the subject and say, “let’s look forward and not back”.That response means he will never have to apologize or take responsibility for his father’s actions. And that is sad. He is happy to take the money embezzled by his father but still cannot bring himself to say sorry.

      1. Madam Ver
        The money that FEM deposited outside the country was his. Before he became the president, he owned almost 200 tons of gold as his professional fee in the recovery of the Tallano clan of the 750 tons of gold the Vatican had borrowed. Then he married the daughter of Tallano, and so Marcos was made a trustee to most of the Tallano’s wealth. His share and that of the Tallano’s wealth are deposited in many banks around the world. When these deposits became due, these could not be brought inside the country because of intervention by the government whose officials because it thinks that these were stolen by Marcos. i have documents in my hand about the history of the wealth of Marcos. Please see the post of Levis Zausa above (about 46th message above). He knows about this fact.

      2. Levis Zausa message on the 47th message of this page is the reality that Marcos was wealthy and he did not steal from the country. He was very rich before he became the President. One who owns 1 ton of gold is a multimillionaire, even a billionaire, how much more for 192,000 tons of gold as his professional fee in the recovery of 750 tons of gold from Vatican–we was a $ trillionaire! FEM was wise that he married the daughter of Tallano, and finally he was made the trustee of the Tallano clan’s wealth. I have a copy of the documents with me about the history and the listing of his deposits. So if people say that he stole the money of the Philippines, that is a lot of nonsense, what money are they saying? They talk, much talk, and are baseless, because they don’t know. I can say that FERDINAND E. MARCOS, was the best of the Presidents from my childhood years. He had many projects, more than combined projects of all the Presidents after him. He was the wisest among them all, a bar topnotcher. He can do his speech without notes, as well.

      3. That, I am afraid, is a load of unproven rumours. The Philippines is still recovering from the Marcos years. It is quite clear that the Marcoses stole from the Philippines. You may not like the fact – but it is fact.

      4. so what you want is a Sorry from Bongbong? come on, move on. even Jesus Christ already forgave them(marcos). here you are writing a blog because BBM never say his sorry. 😀

      5. How on earth would you know that Jesus Christ forgave the Marcoses? Does he even exist? I certainly did not write the blog for Bong Bong. I have no interest in him. I don’t know him. I only know about his behaviour while at school in England. This blog was posted years ago long before Bong Bong even considered running for Vice President.

  38. to:anywhereiwander, i supposed you need to search more. that is to get what must be the thruth and seek more of the truth. your answers to those who commented to what you published is obviously one sided.

  39. Ms. Anywhereiwander, I respect your opinions about the martial law years, a lot of things happened that people from the western world find it atrocious but our country needed it to prevent us from anarchy during those times.. the Philippines was a young republic, we only got our independence from western domination after world war 2. Trying to rebuild from the devastation of the war and a new independent republic that is trying to stand on it’s own with a fragmented citizenry. We have problems with everything, guerillas turned thieves, guns left from the war were everywhere, food shortage, services not getting to the provinces, politics/businesses controlled by the oligarch from the Spanish colonial times, illiteracy, the militia were being used as goons by politicians, communist ideologues were becoming a problem not only in our country but the whole Asia, the secessionist movement in the south, and etc. etc. for us to survive as an independent republic there was a need for the central government to address all the problem. I think martial law was the best solution to have peace and stability in our country during that time.. if we look at history, every rich country in the western world went through the same pace to be what they are now. so we should not be talking about atrocities and alleged human right violations for there are more lives sacrificed in order those governments to survive.. the downfall of our economy in the 80’s was not mainly because of corruption but a product by the power struggle in the western world.. with the problem our country is having now, we don’t need to be reminded of that part of our history and used by every leader as an excuse for being lame ducks , it’s been dividing our country for 30 years now and we have to move forward for us not to be left behind by our neighboring countries..i respect what you feel about the younger Marcos but let my countrymen decide on his for Mr. Lim that is his opinion not history of the Philippines.. He’s not the only one who live in those times and a lot of people believe otherwise

  40. Hang on to your opinion if you want, anywhereiwander. I respect that.

    I’m just here to express how happy I am, now that people everywhere are waking up to the fact that they’ve been lied to by the Aquinos and their cronies for way too long.

  41. I may not have been born during the Martial Law time, but based from the stories my grandparents told me bout’ it, the articles and books I have read bout’ it, the clips and documentaries I’ve watched bout it, what they did is really frightening and saddening, I just pray hard that, that same fate will not happen again, in my time nor in my childrens’ time…I hate them for what they did to the country, the same hate I have for the present politicians who corrupts everything Phillipines has…

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