The Game Plays Out (Part 111)

As Murray had so rightly calculated, Khan called me the very next morning. “What happened to you yesterday, Miss Kennedy?” he asked abruptly. “I’m so sorry,” I replied. Despite my pounding heart, I was trying my best to sound convincing, “I really did have to get back to the newspaper urgently. I did warn you … Continue reading The Game Plays Out (Part 111)

Nothing Can Go Wrong – Part 2

My hand reached furtively for the door handle. However, even before I had time to turn it, the taxi stopped abruptly and I was unceremoniously dumped out into the street. Was this an opportunity? Could I now make a dash for it while Khan was paying the driver? But, the Indian had attached a vice-like … Continue reading Nothing Can Go Wrong – Part 2

In Search of the Maharishi (Part 1)

  As soon as I arrived in Hong Kong, in June 1968, I called an old boyfriend of mine, a Scotsman, Ian Black, who had been working as chief news correspondent on the South China Morning Post for the past three years. “Och, Caroline, it’s good to hear you! You’ve arrived then!” Ian sounded genuinely … Continue reading In Search of the Maharishi (Part 1)